Hijira 1446: ‘Odidiomo’ Calls for Harmony, Peaceful Society


Hon. Adedeji Dhikrullahi Olajide, has joined millions of Muslims worldwide to commemorate the year 2024 Hijira 1446 day celebration.


The celebration marks the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE and is observed with prayers, lectures and other religious activities across the country.


In a message to Muslim faithfuls across Oyo state, Olajide urged them to emulate the virtues of Prophet Muhammad and strive for a more harmonious and peaceful society.


He highlighted the significance of Hijira, emphasizing that it symbolizes perseverance, compassion and forgiveness.


The two term lawmaker appealed to Muslims to use the occasion to reflect on their lives, seek forgiveness and renew their commitment to their faith.


The chairman, House committee on Digital and Information Technology, also reminded muslims of the universal values of compassion, justice and peace that underpin their faith.


Hon. Adedeji Dhikrullahi Olajide expressed gratitude to Governor Seyi Makinde for declaring a public holiday to enable Muslims to observe the celebration without hindrance.


Olajide appealed that the occasion should serve as a testament to the resilience and devotion of Muslims to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and the values of compassion, justice and peace.