Oyo LG Polls: We’re highly disappointed, though not surprised – Senator Yunus Akintunde


…says APC leadership will take decision in due course

In strong terms and with sincere concern on the emerging revelations about the conduct of the local government elections that held in Oyo State, Senator Yunus Akintunde like many other critical stakeholders has expressed his disappointment and have assured Oyo State indigenes that official statement in respect of the election will be released soon.

In a statement issued and released by Kunle Olatunji the Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Senator Akintunde and made available to the press, he however appealed for calm with assurances that the leadership of APC will carry out a thorough and holistic assessment of the shameful conduct of the much anticipated Local Government elections across the State administered by OyO State Independent Electoral Commission OSIEC under the watch of the ruling Party PDP.

“No doubt the participation of our Party All Progressives Congress has sent clear messages to the ruling Party PDP under Governor Seyi Makinde about the strength and capacity of our Party on commitment to reposition and clinch control of governance now and in future elections.

“We participated actively in the election with intentions to win and emerge victorious, however the emerging results before the elections were disrupted in many wards across the 33 local governments clearly indicated the stronger capacity and leading position of our Party APC over the ruling Party PDP.

“We were not surprised to observe clear irregularities, manipulations and discrepancies while monitoring the election processes but honestly the reports were quite disturbing beyond our expectations.

“Although the ruling Party PDP had shown signs of discomfort and their leaders and members had become evidently jittery since our party APC had shown commitment to participate in the election.

“We knew we were going to emerge victorious should the election be conducted under a free and fair process which was why we committed so much efforts and financial resources towards the elections.

” We were equally strategic about our action plans thereby catching PDP unaware thus OSIEC and PDP will have a tough time explaining obvious irregularities and manipulations during the election.

“We are appealing to our members and the entire Oyo State people to remain calm but resolute on our collective efforts and commitment to save Oyo State from the shackles of recklessness and brigandage attitude of the ruling Party.

“We are now a united family in APC and poised to take back control of government in the interest of all of us the good people of Oyo State.

“The future looks quite good and encouraging with the outcome of deliberate our participation which has vindicated and confirmed our confidence on the supremacy, strength and capacity of our party APC over PDP the ruling Party in Oyo State”. He concluded.