Oyo traders responsible to elect who to lead them – Danjuma


The Chairperson, National Association of Nigerian Traders, Oyo state chapter, Mrs. Odunayo Kayode Danjuma, has disclosed that market traders should be given the opportunity to elect those who will lead them.

Danjuma made this declaration while speaking with journalists shortly after a meeting was held with some market leaders by the ministry of trade, investment, industry and cooperative on Friday.

Danjuma while speaking, said that the market women and men have the responsibility to choose who will represent them.

She said that it is not the duty of the market leaders but the duty of traders themselves.

“I am the Chairperson of National Association of Nigerian Traders in Oyo state chapter, one of the recognised clusters in Oyo state.

“My name is Mrs. Odunayo Kayode Danjuma, I am the Chairperson of National Association of Nigerian Traders in Oyo state chapter, one of the recognised clusters in Oyo state.

“The commissioner called us for stakeholders meeting, we came to the meeting for the progress of traders in the state. Many issues were discussed.

“The governor want everybody to be under one umbrella. Want us to unite.

“The outcome is that they maintained the 12 clusters, though it has been dissolved. I advised the ministry that when reconstituting another council, they should present people of impeccable characters. The clusters should ensure that they send a reliable people. So that we will not have another problem.

“The Babaloja case was mentioned. We have two cases. Only one Babaloja was present, Alhaji Aderemi Jimoh. One Babaloja, Alhaji Y.K. Abass has case with Alhaji Aderemi Jimoh at Magistrate Court while the Babaloja in council has a case with Alhaji Y.K. Abass at High Court of Oyo state. They are the two cases. They now advised them to withdraw the two cases for the traders association to move forward.

“The issue of Iyaloja General. Presently they said that we don’t have Iyaloja General in Oyo state. The government advised the two Babalojas to withdraw the case. The ministry advised them to withdraw the cases. Because, those who picked Alhaji Aderemi Jimoh are the council of Babaloja and Iyaloja in Oyo state, nominated him and inaugurated him.

“The other one, Alhaji Y.K. Abass was recommended by the market leaders council, maybe 7 of them in which the traders are saying that it is not their duty to recommend. It is the duty of the Babaloja and Iyaloja in council to nominate, then the council will now recommend to the governor for recognition. I also mentioned it in the meeting that the fault is from the market leaders council.

“It is the traders that sent us here. It is not our duty. We need to consult the traders first before recommendation to the governor. That is where the error is”.