PHOTOS: Ibadan Central Hospital Celebrates 26th Anniversary with Gift Items for Pregnant Women, Patients


Ibadan Central Hospital, founded in 1998, celebrated its 26th anniversary on Wednesday by showering gift items on pregnant women and other patients as part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

The hospital’s founder, Dr. Abib Olamitoye, a renowned philanthropist, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community.

To commemorate the anniversary, the hospital organized a health gathering for over 400 expectant mothers at Ososami in Ibadan, where they received various gift items, including baby essentials. The star prize was an all-expenses-paid delivery package for one lucky winner.

The General Manager, Olajumoke Caxton-Martins, acknowledged the challenges faced by pregnant women, emphasizing the need for adequate nutrition and access to affordable medical care during pregnancy.

She appealed to the government to increase funding for infrastructure development and address the brain drain of healthcare professionals.

The Medical Director, Dr. Kareem Adeseye, highlighted the challenges faced by the hospital, including unreliable power supply, poor infrastructure, and transportation issues, which have made basic healthcare inaccessible for many. He appealed to the government to partner with the hospital to address these challenges.

Pregnant women who benefited from the program, including Mrs. Adeloye Titilayo and Mrs. Ibironke Omotade, appealed to the government to provide facilities in government hospitals and create an enabling environment for private hospitals to thrive. They emphasized the need for affordable healthcare, food, and baby items, which are essential for pregnant women.

The celebration was a testament to Ibadan Central Hospital’s commitment to giving back to the community and providing quality healthcare services to those in need.