Why NIMC Office Should Be Relocated, Odidiomo Reveals


The Chairman, House Committee on Digital and Information Technology, Hon. Adedeji Dhikrullahi Olajide, has called on the Federal Government to relocate the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) from the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation to the Ministry of Communication.

Expressing his concerns to journalist in Abuja, over the consequences of the data breach on Nigeria’s Cybersecurity space, Hon. Olajide noted that the recent data breach at NIMC, which exposed the personal data of over 50 million Nigerians, has highlighted the need for enhanced data protection and security measures.

Olajide urged the Federal Government to domicile NIMC under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Communication to ensure effective oversight, regulation, and collaboration.

He explained further that the relocation will enable NIMC to benefit from the Ministry’s expertise and resources and ensure that the country’s digital identity ecosystem is strengthened.

Olajide noted that the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation may not have the necessary expertise and resources to effectively supervise NIMC.

According to him, the Ministry of Communication, with its mandate to oversee the country’s communication sector, is better positioned to supervise NIMC and ensure that it meets its objectives.

It will be recalled that the breach, which originated from a vulnerability in NIMC’s server, has compromised national security and exposed Nigerians to identity theft and fraud.

Hon. Olajide, a two term PDP lawmaker from Oyo State further noted that the breach has also eroded public trust in government agencies and highlighted the need for robust data protection measures.

He recommended that NIMC should develop and implement a comprehensive data protection policy, enhance its cybersecurity infrastructure protocols, improve its internal control oversight mechanisms and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

He also urged the Federal Government to take concrete steps to protect the compromised data and prevent future breaches.