Assist farmers, traders to avert looming food insecurity in Nigeria – Oyo Babaloja-General appeals to FG


The Babaloja-General of Oyo State, Alhaji Sunmaila Aderemi Jimoh has called on the Federal Government to give needed assistance to farmers and traders in Nigeria to avert looming food insecurity in Nigeria.


Speaking with journalists from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he has gone to perform holy pilgrimage, Alhaji Jimoh commended Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde for prioritising agricultural revolution and welfare of government workers in the state, which encourage circulation of money and subsequently help grow economy in the state.


Babaloja-General said, “as situation is presently, only federal government intervention can avert threatening food insecurity and bring prices of commodities down to reasonable level where common man can boast of two average meals per day.


“Traders are facing terrible dilemma in Nigeria now as a result of consumer’s believe that traders are behind the hike in food prices, whereas we traders serve as punching bags being hit by other economic agents, including government, manufacturers, producers, farmers and consumers.


Coming from the worldwide turmoil and suffering caused by Covid-19, Nigerians landed in terrible starvation inflicted on them by those stockpiling money for electioneering process, in the midst of these fuel scarcity entered, then federal government added shortage of Naira notes, which ruined and grounded economies at all levels.


The recent removal of petroleum subsidy which subsequently jacked up the pump price of petrol has forced transporters to increase cost of transportation for goods or passengers, farmers inturn have increased selling price of their produce, living now becomes difficult for consumers due to insufficient resources to cater for even necessities.




Traders, being the closest amongst all economic agents to the people, consumers see us as those who can make or mar their survivability in difficult time, hence they go to the market place with intention of having all problems relating to food and daily needs solve with their little income and agitate when the situation is contrary to their expectations, most times it leads to unnecessary aggression and verbal attack on traders


“Prioritising adequate and uncompromised security of lives and properties in our various rural areas, farms and forestry should be the first move towards halting the threatening food insecurity as well as absolute eradication of open grassing and pronouncement of severe punishment for the deviants, follow by provision of seeds and materials at affordable prices, good roads, borehole water, medical centres are equally very necessary.


“Giving out interest-free loan to farmers and traders is a good way of relieving them of the pressure coming from their business environment and society. However, government need to put in place good control measure towards ensuring prompt repayment and sincerity of purpose. This can be achieved by engaging managers who will help in ensuring funds are not diverted but invest on good and profitable businesses and also supervise the repayment process,” Babaloja-General advised


Alhaji Jimoh also lamented on high cost of food stuffs, especially tomatoes and peppers since April, 2023, which he said made quite a good number of Muslims celebrated 2023 Eid el Kabir in low-key and serious pains.


“This year Eid el Kabir was not well celebrated due to high cost of food stuffs and general hardship in the country. Though there are few privileged ones who live in affluence and able to lavish money during the festival, but what is there total population compare to well over 150 million common man and the poor in our societies that are suffering?


“From few appointments and work done so far by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I want to emphatically tell you that, he is truly a president of all tribes and for all religions in Nigeria. But I hope he would not allow the few privileged people in our society to annihilate masses lives from the surface of the earth with the way they keep pushing for more unhealthy and unfriendly policies capable of making them richer and sniffing life out of the masses.


“I also call on Mr. President to listen to the pleas of the masses and make living easy for millions of Nigerians walloping in abject poverty as I wish his administration unprecedented success and outstanding wisdom to bring peace and unity back to our great nation.


He however praised two states’ governors in the Southwest region, Engr. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State and Chief Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State for investing heavily on security, especially in the rural areas and forestry. Alhaji Jimoh commended the two governors for equipping and supporting the Southwest Security Outfit, called Amoteku, this he said has drastically reduced the activities of the criminals in the state.


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