BAF: Celebrating a Fertilizer @ 57 |Olawale Asake


What exactly will I write about the phenomenon, Her Excellency, Erelu Bisi Fayemi? What words can l use to celebrate this rare gem? I ruminated about this quintessential woman of many parts, I couldn’t still find the best words to describe her. I resolved that, the best way to describe her is the way you see her and feel her impactful touches on all, either the known or the unknown.

Erelu is a mother in the real sense of it. A mother who is God-sent to back all the “children” including me. If you call her a Fertilizer, she is. A booster, an encourager, you are not missing it. Call her a Trailblazer, truly she is. Describe her as a Stabilizer, sincerely you are correct. See her as an Iconic Feminist, you are on the track. Tag her as a Painstaker, you are still not wrong. Are you seeing her as an Enhancer? Yes, she is one. Call her a Bridge builder, yes, you are on point. Organiser of note. A Strategist, she is too. A Pillar of support? All join.

Her Excellency is an epitome of good vibes. A supporter and promoter of talents. A developer of skills. A fertilizer for the weak people. A Counsellor, a Teacher, a Guidance, a Philanthropist, an Exemplar, a Rolemodel, a Mentor, a Kind and Humane leader, an Administrator per excellence etc.

Your multiple, useful and colourful wrappers are there for everybody. You have always been the hope of the hopeless, the companion of the dejected, the strength of the feeble, the shoulder that many people lean on and your prompt intervention has on many occasions prevented many from committing suicide. Helping people is your Calling and thank God you are doing it as sent. May you never tired of doing it Ma.
YE, I appreciate you for who you are. No doubt, you are the Angel sent by God to us in Ekiti State, Nigeria, Africa and the World over. I pray that you will continue to live long.
Happy Birthday Your Excellency.

Executive Assistant to the Governor on Policy and Speeches


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