Be resilient, remain focused to achieve your goals – Kumuyi charges youths


Pastor William Kumuyi, the general superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry has called on youths to be resilient and remain focused to achieve their life goals.

Pastor Kumuyi spoke on Tuesday during the Impact Academy program, a subset of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi in Lagos.

Speaking on the topic Gracious Emmanuel for Soaring Heavenward Eagles with leading text from Matthew 1: 51, Pastor Kumuyi said Christian youths should be focused as the eagles and not underrate themselves as rats and reptiles which cannot fly.

He said Christian youths who are focused as the eagles will reign on earth and remain high among their peers.

He said: “You are starting a new journey today. You will soar like the eagles. You will reign in life. The eagle is optimistic, it does not think of failure. Remain optimistic as the eagle. Eagle does not die until it is seen in the sky.”

He said as eagles, youths should always take advantage of opportunities at their disposal, nothing that eagles are always renewed and advancing to achieve a pre-determined goal.

He noted that for Christian youths to soar, they must be ready to separate themselves from the rats, dogs, bats and other reptiles, insisting that they must not have the mind of rats and bats but they should develop the mind of the eagle that always sims high into the sky.

“You must also be very observant and active. Do not compare yourself with others who have no wings to fly as the eagles. You are special and very significant before God. Break up from people who do not have wings to fly as the eagles.

“As eagles your life will be good. Good people will look for you. Good things will come into your life. God will increase your might and vision. You will go up, you will never come down.

“You will move higher. You will do greater things. You will achieve what you have never achieved. You are going forward. God will take the mind of rats away from you and give you the mind of an eagle. What others cannot do you will do. You will keep making progress.”


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