BRECAN Seeks Health Insurance Scheme To Reduce Mortality Rate In Cancer Cases


Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN), has called for a health insurance scheme to address cancer care as part of one of the ongoing efforts to combat the disease in Nigeria. 

The Wife of the Ondo State Governor, Betty Akeredolu and Tolu Taiwo, National President of the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN), disclosed this on Saturday during the BRECAN Jog for Life exercise in Ibadan.


The duo stated that the importance of health insurance scheme in combating cancer and reducing mortality rates.


They called on government at all levels to prioritise cancer care and take action as part of national health policy to make it accessible and affordable for all, particularly for average Nigerian women.


Akeredolu who was represented by Special Assistant on special duties to Ondo State governor’s wife, Alex Uka, emphasized the need for early detection and medical intervention and also lamented that many women in Nigeria seek medical help only at advanced stages of the disease which he said is not meant to be.


The National President stressed that treating cancer is expensive and many insurance plans do not cover it, adding that there has been increasing death toll from breast cancer.


She expressed concern about the growing hopelessness associated with the disease.


Taiwo added that stigmatization, cultural and religious beliefs, financial constraints, and reliance on alternative treatments are some of the barriers to early cancer diagnosis and treatment.


She encouraged women to seek medical attention promptly if they notice any breast abnormalities and advised combining medical care with prayer.


Josephine Onitshabo, the Lead Jogger, also noted the need for medical intervention as she urged women to perform self-examinations regularly and speak out if they notice any breast lumps or changes.


Abel Oche, the National Youth Service Corp Coordinator for Oyo State, said the awareness would prevent the hazardous nature of breast cancer if preventive measures are taken.


He explained that the involvement of NYSC aimed to spread awareness to various local communities and schools, particularly targeting young people to provide information that could prevent cancer and promote early treatment.


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