CCII Election: Drama In Ibadan House As Electoral Committee Disqualifies Ajewole


There was a mid drama in Ibadan House, as Barrister Niyi Ajewole, who is contesting against the incumbent President-General of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), Prince Yemisi Adeaga is disqualified.


The disqualification, according to a source within CCII was allegedly to have initiated by Adeaga, who wanted to seek re-election without opposition (unoppose).


The source question independent of the Electoral Committee in discharging it’s duty, adding that CCII BoT lacks competent to find a CCII affiliate club guilty.


He said, “Is this not a flagrant show of desperation of Prince Adeaga deploying all do or die strategies to remain in office so as to cover all his corrupt tracks as exposed?


“It is unfortunate that the respected ones amongst the BoT have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and dragged to a messy plot.


“Prince Adeaga has shown the despotic desperado and monstrous side of himself to the whole world and he should be prepared to stand the heat.


“The election, which was initially slated to 7th of April was shifted to 14th of April, Adeaga, who is the incumbent CCII President General collude with the BoT and disqualify Barrister Ajewole, the reason for the disqualification was baseless.


“The Committee said two exco must not come from a single club, Ajewole is contesting from Oluyole Elite Social Club, the incumbent CCII Secretary General, are they contesting in the same election year?


“They have no reason to disqualify anybody, BoT lack power to recommend disqualification of any candidate.


“The Electoral Committee has completed screening of candidates over a month ago, and they have shortlisted names of contestants, so at what stage will they reverse their decision by disqualifying a candidate.


“The postponement of the election for a month is also an aberration of the highest order, the source said.


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