Chief Aluko dares sponsor of media bills, says he will meet his waterloo if…


A renowned business mogul and Publisher of the defunct Third Eye newspaper, Chief Akanni Aluko has said that the motive behind the Hon. Odebunmi Olusegun’s media bills was not only to impress President Muhammadu Buhari, but to make more enemies for the President.

The elderstatesman declared that unfortunately for the sponsor of the draconian bills, the President cannot do anything that could suppress, bully, or criminalise the media.

He said, even if passed by the National Assembly, it is certain that the President can never ascent to such obnoxious bills that were meant to strangulate the media, the oxygen of the nation’s democracy.

Though, the sponsor of the bills have said he was withdrawing the controversial bills temporarily, Hon.Odebunmi’s intention is to silence the media and render it powerless, Chief Aluko alleged.

The business mogul who is celebrating 78th birthday with family, friends and well wishers stated these while answering questions from journalists at his Monatan, Ibadan residence at the weekend.

“Today is a milestone in my life, very wonderful and I thank only God for allowing me to reach 78. It has not been easy, I have been ill in the past 21 years, and look at me as if nothing has been wrong except for few things, but God is taking care and I must continue to thank God for this wonderful gift of life”, he said.

Among eminent Nigerians who felicitated with the celebrant was President Buhari , who in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr.Femi Adesina, paid glowing tributes to the Ijesa born businessman who turned 78 years on Friday.

Chief Aluko who said God should be praised for allowing him to reach age 78 , stated that Hon.Odebunmi only wanted to impress President, but he got more than what he bargain for.

While praying to Almighty God to grant Nigerian leaders the wisdom to be able to lead Nigerians aright, declared that nobody can kill the press.

Chief Aluko said, “He ( Hon. Odebunmi) cannot assume what the President want. He wanted to take the President for granted. But he was wrong. The President is a man of the people, even if the House pass such anti media bills, the President cannot ascent to it.

“Instead of making more friends for the President at this critical time, he is interested in making more enemies for the President. So, let’s leave him to that and if he tries again , he will meet his waterloo . You don’t need to kill the press that all of us used to fame .

“And those who are coming can use to get to the top , so why do you want to kill it . Why can you say because you are in power, you want to use indirect way to kill the press , and bring it down, you can’t. The press will still overshadow you. Nobody can’t stop or gag the press.”


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