Constituency Projects: Akin Alabi Fires Critics on Twitter, says Lawmakers Don’t Award Contracts


The lawmaker representing Egbeda/On-Ara federal constituency in the green chamber has fired back at citrics who dragged him on twitter over renovation of health Centre he facilitated as a constituency project.

Hon. Akin, via his verified Twitter account – @akinalabi on Wednesday, shared pictures of renovated health with a caption, “Almost done. Health Center, Ajiwogbo, Ibadan”. Instead of being praised, majority of his followers thumped down the project.

The businessman-turned-politician in his comprehensive reactions said he was not boasting that the project is massive or an “ultra modern” or a world class facility. He explained that he only helped connect the village and the agency, worked hard to make sure it happened. According to him, “No bragging. I don’t understand the vex”.

When asked why the contract was awarded to an Abuja contractor, the federal lawmaker replied that he had no say, rather the question should be directed to National Health Care Development Agency.

see pictures of the health Centre

Read the full tweets:

I woke up to a lot of flak over the pictures of the primary health center I facilitated its renovation at Ajiwogbo village, Ibadan. During my campaign, I visited the dilapidated health center. The villagers asked me to help them with the renovation. I promised I would.


When I got into office, I started working on it. I went to National Health Care Development Agency to come to our aid. Eventually, I brought them down to the place for inspection. After a lot of back and forth and travelling, I was able to facilitate the renovation.

Some are asking why was the contract given to an Abuja contractor. The answer is I HAD NO SAY. That question has to go to National Health Care Development Agency. I do not award contracts. Lawmakers do not award contracts. I have never met this contractor. I don’t plan to.

About those saying the place is too small. Good question. Well, it is a small health center in a small village that was rehabilitated. The place gets like FIVE PATIENTS A DAY. I am not sure there is any sense expanding it. I don’t even have the powers to have it expanded. NONE.

About entry for wheelchairs and other specifics needed to make the place better, I will write a letter to the agency to ensure that the contractor puts them there. I do not want to have anything to do with the contractor directly. Thanks for pointing those out.

What played out here is very simple. A health center has been in existence for 20 years. The villagers wanted their “little hospital” renovated. The condition was bad for the doctors and nurses there. I pulled all stops to bring the agency that can do it. The work was done.

In the original post, it wasn’t like I boasted that this was massive or an “ultra modern” or a world class facility. I helped connect the village and the agency, worked hard to make sure it happened. The entire details are in the pictures. No bragging. I don’t understand the vex.

I didn’t bother to “shalaye” in my caption because the details are crystal clear in the images so you can imagine my surprise at the outrage. I do not know whether to apologize for facilitating it or for posting the images. Either way, make una no vex. Thank you.


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