Covid-Organics: Madagascar President, Buhari’s Minister attack W.H.O 

  • Say no country can stop ‘herbal formula’ 

The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, believes the only reason the World Health Organization (WHO) and the western countries have refused to treat Madagascar’s herbal remedy for the novel coronavirus with sense of urgency and respect is that it comes from African continent.

The WHO and scientists from the west have consistently warned against the use of Madagascar’s Covid-Organics as the efficacy of the herbal product is unproven.

In response to the W.H.O’s concerns, Rajoelina in an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 and RFI, said the drink is derived from artemisia – a plant with proven anti-malarial properties – and other indigenous herbs. He expressed his frustration over the West’s usual condescension toward Africans.

He said, “African scientists should not be underestimated. Our Covid-Organics is preventive and curative remedy. The proof of the herbal tonic is its efficacy in the “healing” of “our patients. What if this remedy had been discovered by a European country, instead of Madagascar? Would people doubt it so much? I don’t think so”.

“What is the problem with Covid-Organics, really? Could it be that this product comes from Africa? Could it be that it’s not OK for a country like Madagascar, which is the 63rd poorest country in the world… to have come up with (this formula) that can help save the world?” asked Rajoelina, who claims the infusion cures patients within ten days.

“No one will stop us from moving forward – not a country, not an organisation,” Rajoelina said in response to the discouraging remarks from the W.H.O and the western countries.

Reminding viewers that Madagascar has a long history of traditional medicine, Rajoelina pointed out that many pharmaceutical drugs authorised in the West have turned out to be harmful, such as the Mediator weight loss drug in France.

Information obtained by the Pacesetter News from Worldometer’s COVID-19 data shows that as at 17.30 GMT Sunday May 17, 2020, Madagascar has recorded 304 coronavirus cases. Only one death has been recorded with 114 patients fully recovered from the deadly disease.

According to the president, the patients who have healed have taken no other product than Covid-Organics.

In the same vein, President Buhari’s Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Barr. Festus Keyamo, has joined the Malagasy President in the attack on the United Nations’s agency, W.H.O.

Keyamo via his verified Twitter account @fkeyamo wrote: I really don’t know why there’s so much fuss about the Madagascar recipe. Why heavily criticize what a country has discovered to make people recover NOW from the illness, whilst we continue to wait for the almighty vaccine from the @WHO? Or is it because it is an African country?

“Put in another way, why can’t we make do with what we have NOW, until we get what the world is waiting for?”

Despite the reservations, several African countries, including Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, DR Congo, Tanzania, Niger, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia, have taken deliveries of their consignments from Madagascar free of charge.


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