“Do not panic, we need to support each other” – Kola-Daisi admonishes citizens


Following the nationwide citizen concern that greeted the fuel subsidy removal and the attendant impact on economic activities, economist and politician, Kolapo Kola-Daisi has urged citizens not to panic while providing his professional insight into the situation.


He expressed his thoughts on Wednesday afternoon, while receiving questions from a group of media stakeholders.


His words, “It is understandable to feel concerned about the current economic outcomes in Nigeria, particularly in light of recent developments such as the fuel subsidy removal and andniys impact on the economic activities of every day citizens. However, it is important not to succumb to panic as we collectively navigate this moment.


“The decision to remove fuel subsidies is undoubtedly a challenging one, with short-term impacts that can be felt by the everyone. However, it is crucial to recognize that these measures are actually key towards addressing long-standing economic issues and pave the way for sustainable growth and development…


“Sadly, while this may lead to temporary price increases, it is important to understand that this step aims to create a more efficient and transparent energy market. The resources saved from subsidy removal can be redirected towards critical sectors such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure, benefiting the welfare of all citizens in the long run. The current government has promised to abide by this plan to redirect subsidy monies to benefit the people in other ways, and all we can do as citizens is to hold them accountable and make them stand by it…”


He went further, “In all this, we need to support each other and walk through this moment with a lot of optimism together. As I said in my official statement on the inauguration day, I pray that the leadership in this current administration receives all the wisdom and help it needs to ensure that the people’s welfare remains at the heart of every decision made.”, Kola-Daisi submitted.


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