Dotun Sanusi Bankrolls Movie On Makinde’s Life, Ancestral Home


An award-winning Yoruba movie by Nollywood stars ‘Ifin Omojomolo’ sponsored by an Ibadan-based billionaire businessman, Engr. Dotun Sanusi is set to hit the YouTube channel soon.

The movie titled ‘Ifin’ (Obatala Kolanut) produced by Omolara Adebayo (Iya Kuegbe) featured Nollywood stars like Dele Odule, Dupe Jayesinmi, Fatai Oodua (Lalude) and Omolara Adebayo (Iyakuegbe).

Other characters are Ahmed Ayomide, Adebayo Ọlálékan (Agbontawon), Musiliu Dasofunjo, Ayodele Omotosho, Ayo Oluyemi, Chief Mrs Saratu Aduke Konibaje (Iyaloja General of Oyo State), amongst others.

‘IFIN Omojomolo’ by Iya kuegbe head of elderly women and fondly called ‘Iya Gomina’ (Governor’s mother) in the political circle, is a great movie to express why Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State became the toast, most-loved, highly cherished and distinguished fellow in the political firmament of the State today.

The producer, Omolara Adebayo said Governor Makinde showed remarkable character as far back as his teenage years when he hawked bread on the streets of Ibadan to support his parents.

According to her, “people may be wondering why is it that Seyi Makinde, out of many people, becomes the most adored politician and political leader of immense value and honour today?

“The reason is in his distinguishing character from birth as a child imbued with love and honour and always ready to shoulder other people’s burden and responsibilities.

“As a little boy, Seyi Makinde has been showing philanthropic spirit from his teenage years and could deny himself to support anybody in need.

“He has always been a peace-loving and gentleman to the core who loves to use his hard-earned wealth to settle issues and make people comfortable.

“He also helped his parents hawking bread to support them at their times of need.

“He is a real Ibadan ‘shon of the soil’ with ancestral home at his family compound of Aigbofa Oja’ba Ibadan.

“The story tells of how his great grandfather who was an herbalist left Ogbomoso to first settle in Ajia (their village in Egbeda Local Government) before relocating to the main city after he consulted the oracle for Balogun Ogunmola ahead of an imminent war which the victorious Ibadan warriors conquered.

“His prediction that they would win the war which came to pass, made Ogunmola to give him a land to settle in the heart of Ibadan which is today known as Aigbofa compound in the present day Ibadan Southeast Local Government,” she narrated history behind Makinde’s ancestral home in Ibadan.

The producer who starred as the Governor’s mother in the film said it promises to be educative, entertaining and inspiring to the younger generation who are desirous of living and making meaningful impacts in life.

She was full of thanks to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort who bankrolled the film from the beginning to the end.

She said, “my appreciation goes to Engr Dotun Sanusi who believed in this project and provided all the logistics supports to make this film on Governor Seyi Makinde’s life a reality.

“My prayer to God is to continue to bless Engr Dotun Sanusi who today is our God-send philanthropist and promoter of good governance in Oyo State and the country as a whole. This film will soon be premiered for the public to enjoy.”

On why they choose Ifin, a breed of Kolanut known for its outstanding quality and spiritual value as the title, Adebayo said Kolanut is so important in the social, religious and cultural life of the people that it is said that at some point during pre-independence Nigeria, when the nation’s founding fathers looked for a common symbol acceptable to all Nigerians that would serve as a national icon on the country’s coat of arms, the consensus was kola nut.

Adebayo disclosed that a writer went further to state as follows: “…However, the pattern, presentation of kola nut in all of the these places (Yorubaland, Igboland and Hausaland) when a visitor comes around, approves his welcome in the same way that denial of kola nut denotes displeasure and disapproval.

“Among the Igbo it is said in a proverb that “onye wetera oji, wetera ndu”, which translates to “he who brings kola, brings life.

” The implication of kola nut presentation, therefore implies, establishment of love and trust. And that is why, it is believed that whoever partakes in the sharing and eating of kola nut with one has become one’s friend and has entered into an oath of preservation of life with one.

“In this sense, kola nut becomes a communion food. A feast of love, trust and togetherness and these qualities are embedded in this character today known as our darling Governor Seyi Makinde,” Adebayo added.


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