Gov Makinde Bars SSG, HoS, CoS, Commissioners, SSAs, SAs, Others From Speaking to Press without Approval


By Oluwakemi Ishola 

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, has reportedly all his political appointees from further engaging or speaking with journalists without obtaining clearance before doing so.

In a well scripted Circular letter captioned; “Guidelines On Media Appearances By Public Office Holders/Party Officials”, that was dated on 24th September, 2020, with reference number: ADI.36/VOL.III/186, and which was duly signed by the Secretary to the state government, Mrs. Olubamiwo Adeosun.

The letter reads; “In order to prevent un- coordinated and counter-productive media exposure of public office holders and ensure that they are well guided, the following are the guidelines on media appearances:

“All media appearances by public office holders must be target driven.”

“Public office holders who wish to appear on radio/Television programs must secure the approval of His Excellency through the Secretary to the state government via His Excellency’s the Governor’s Media Department.”

“Officers of State I.e the Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff, Head of Service, Deputy Chief of Staff are to engage in media appearances strategically and Sparingly”

The letter continued, “Honourable Commissioners, Director Generals, Chairmen of Boards /Parastatals and State Government spokespersons that engage in media appearances must restrict themselves to issues affecting their Ministries, Departments and Agencies. They must not appear in crossfire or confrontational programs.”

“Public office holders who wish to engage in media appearances to speak about the administration, project initiatives or counter wrong narratives must be encouraged to request for at least five (5) days’ notice from the media house . The notice period must then be used to secure the necessary approval and engage His Excellency’s Media Unit to prepare for any possible, emerging or contending questions ahead of the media appearance.”

“Public office holders scheduled to appear on media programs must be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the media house/anchor in question.”

“Political office holders must understand that the media is the most most viable vehicle through which government activities can be communicated and they must adapt to the terrain while being flexible.”

“It is important for all affected government officials to comply with these guidelines in order to prevent embarrassment to their persons and the state government”, the letter warned those aides, as not to fall victim of the consequences.


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