Gowon Destroyed Nigeria’s Federal Structure, Says Firebrand Lawyer Farotimi


By Oluwakemi Ishola 

A former Nigerian Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (rtd). has been accused of destroying the country’s federal system of government, which has led to the current agitation for a restructuring of the Nigerian federation. This comes as critics wonder if the calls for restructuring are genuine enough to merit any sort of serious consideration.

Principal Partner of Dele Farotimi, and Co. Law firm, Dele Farotimi, who was a guest on ARISE NEWS,said grievances and calls for restructuring are genuine and go back fifty-four years.

“There were three regions, three federating regions at our independence. There was a mechanism that allowed for the creation of an additional region that was reflected in our 1963 constitution.

“When the military came in 1966 and Gowon created states at the outbreak of the civil war, he destroyed the federation that he inherited,” Farotimi said.

The lawyer said secessionists in the country are gaining adherents because there are genuine grievances that are not allowed to find expression.

“You cannot aggregate people’s rights and expect that you will find expressions for their grievances. All you will find is that you are providing avenues for those who trade-in grievances.


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