Group Cautions Oyo PDP Acting Publicity Secretary, Ogunsina Over Alleged Party Divisive Inciting Remarks


A group within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State, Equity and Justice has expressed dissatisfaction with the Acting Publicity Secretary, Michael Ogunsina over alleged remarks that he overpraised a federal lawmaker, Hon. Abass Adekunle Adigun Agboworin, adding that he underrated the achievements of other PDP lawmakers in the state.


In a strongly worded statement made available to newsmen by its publicity Secretary, Hon. Adedayo Tirimisiyu in Ibadan on Wednesday, the group criticized Ogunsina for using the party platform to commend one lawmaker, implying that others were not performing up to expectations.

The group emphasized that such action could sow seeds of discord within the party and create unnecessary division among its members.

It warned Ogunsina to desist from activities that could potentially undermine the party’s unity, urging him to refrain from making statements that might alienate other lawmakers or belittle their efforts.

The statement called for calm among party faithfuls who found Ogunsina’s remarks offensive, expressing hope that he would acknowledge his mistakes and avoid similar actions in the future.

The controversy arose from Ogunsina’s alleged recent statement overpraising Hon. Abass Adekunle Adigun Agboworin for his exceptional leadership and service to his constituency.

While acknowledging Agboworin’s accomplishments, the group argued that singling out one lawmaker for praise, while also asking others to follow his footsteps could inadvertently marginalize others and create unnecessary competition within the party ranks.

The group ‘PDP For Equity and Justice’ emphasized the importance of solidarity and collaboration among party members, urging all lawmakers to work together for the common good of the party and the people they represent.

“As the party strives to maintain unity and cohesion, it is essential for party officials like Ogunsina to exercise caution in their public statements and avoid actions that could undermine the collective interests of the PDP in Oyo State”, the statement said.



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