Ibadan Residents Call for Removal of Gas Tank Farm, Gas Plants, Other Alleged Dangerous Facilities


Consequent to the devastating explosion that took place at Dejo Oyelese Street, Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan on Tuesday night, residents from General Gas to Iyana Church in Oyo State have expressed grave concerns over potential hazards.

They expressed their grievances during a meeting held on Saturday.

The landlord association of the communities, frowned at the indiscriminate citing of the Gas Tank Farm, Gas Plant and Filling Stations in the area, called for a thorough review of the allocation.

These demands were outlined in a communique read by Otunba Jimi Bolusire, the Vice Chairman of Carlton Gate Landlord and Residents Association.


Bolusire, emphasised the necessity for a comprehensive review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and approvals granted to gas plants and fuel stations within their corridor, stressed the need for a clear understanding of potential risks. He stated, “Residents will require a thorough review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the approvals granted to the gas plants and fuel stations within our corridor. We need a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks associated with these establishments.”


The communities therefore specifically called on the government to address the gas tank farm operated by Gasland, which is said to be dangerously close to Valencia school, churches and numerous residential communities along the corridor,Ā  seek government interventions to mitigate potential hazards.


Bolusire said, “We specifically call on the government to address the gas tank farm operated by Gasland, perilously close to Valencia Schools, various churches, and numerous residential communities along the corridor. The government’s intervention is crucial to mitigate the potential hazards.”


Emphasizing the urgency of relocating the gas tank farm to prevent a recurrence of the Bodija tragedy, Bolusire stated, “We urge the government to swiftly intervene to prevent a repeat of the tragedy in Bodija. The gas tank farm, situated dangerously close to Vanlecia Schools, churches, and residential communities, must be relocated from our community within the shortest possible time. Immediate action is paramount to avert future disasters.”


Residents of the communities further stated the need for the government to reevaluate guidelines and regulatory approvals for establishing fuel and gas facilities within residential communities and public spaces.


They noted that proactive call is aimed at ensuring the safety and security of lives and properties.


Chairman Kolapi Isola GRA, Olalekan Thanni highlighted the severity of the situation.

“What we experienced in Bodija is child’s play compared to the impending danger in this corridor if the government does not take immediate action.”He said.


Thanni announced plans to send a letter of SOS to the government and other agencies on Monday.


Residents from Chief Kolawole Bashorun Estate, Baale Agbo in Bada and Resident Association Chairman Bada, Engr. Erinfolami among others have collectively committed to ongoing reviews of the safety and security landscape along the community corridor.


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