I’ll remain loyal to Iba Gani Adams, continue to support OPC to the best of my ability – Oyo OPC Senatorial Chairman, Alhaji Muritala


The Oyo State Senatorial Chairman of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) Alhaji Muritala Adekola Ifawale popularly known as E le Omo Buruku Danu has reiterated his loyalty to the national leader of the organization, Iba Gani Adams. 

He added that he will continue to support the organization to the best of his ability.

Adekola stated this in the atmosphere of pomp, ecstasy and moment of excitement on Wednesday, 29th of November 2023 as the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, visited Ibadan the Oyo State capital for a program at Mapo Hall.

Before his arrival, people from all walks of life had already filled the ancient Mapo Hall to the brim as most of them wanted to have a glimpse of the revered Generalisimo of the OPC.

On his arrival, he was welcomed by the Coordinator of Oyo State OPC and his Vice, Comrade Dr. Rafiu Abiola Apewajoye and Comrade Tirimisiyu Olowoposi, the second in Command of Amotekun in Oyo State, Kassim Akinro and OPC Senatorial Chairman in the state, Alhaji Muritala Adekola Ifawale also joined in welcoming him.

Those who also joined in welcoming him includes OPC Chairman in Oluyole Local Government;  Comrade Ajadi Oluyole, OPC Chairman in Ibadan North-West 1; Comrade Olalekan; OPC Chairman in Ido 2, Comrade Ajagbe Atelenimaya; traditional rulers;  and other  OPC members in Oyo State.

Also, all Yoruba warriors including the Hunter group; the Agbekoya group; the Vigilante group and others described Iba Gani Adams as their leader because of how he’s coordinating them in Yorubaland.

In his remarks, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, commended his members in Oyo State for the great works they’ve been doing in making sure that there is peace in the state.

He, however, charged them to follow the tenets of the organisation and also love themselves like brothers and sisters.

“I believe you all know that Iba Gani Adams led OPC is known worldwide and as a result I want to urge you all to try as much as possible to tow the path of the laws guiding this organization.  Let us all love each other like brothers and sisters and by doing this, no enemy will be able to come into our midst.

While speaking on members that were sent packing, he said: “They went against the tenets of the organisation and we cannot watch them destroy the organisation. Some of them that are saying all sorts of things that they’ve not been sent packing are joking and as the Leader, whatever I say is the final.

“They went about using the organisation to dupe innocent people of millions without our knowledge and immediately we got to know, we had to send them packing.”

Iba Gani Adams hailed and prayed for Alhaji Muritala Adekola Ifawale for his stance and bravery in the organisation.

In his address, the Senatorial Chairman of the OPC in Oyo State, Alhaji Muritala Adekola Ifawale said “I’m using this medium to express my gratitude to the Are Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams. I will always remain loyal to him and continue to support OPC to the best of my ability.

“I’m also grateful to our State Coordinator, Dr. Rauf Abiola (Ph.D), his deputy, Comrade Olowoposi, Afobaje Kazeem Akinro and all executive members of Iba Gani Adams led OPC in Oyo state. They are my bosses”.

He also posited that “All betrayals in Iba Gani Adams led OPC in the state have been sent packing because of their nefarious activities which do not align with the tenets of the organisation.

He, however, warned such people to desist from using the name of Iba Gani Adams led OPC to dupe people.


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