Iyaloja-General – Abeo’s purported popularity laughable, says Oyo market leaders


The Oyo State market leaders have jointly condemned a comment credited to the Iyalaje of Oke-Ogun, Aduke Oyeleke over raging controversy on the Iyaloja-General of Oyo State tussle.


Aduke Oyeleke was quoted saying recent comment by the Central Council of Ibadan Indigienes (CCII) over the tussle of Iyaloja-General had increased the popularity of the self-acclaimed Iyaloja-General in the state, Princess Folashade Abeo, their preferred candidate by publishing the qualities it listed for the person who should be formally named the Iyaloja-General of the state in it’s recent statement.


But a statement released by the market leaders noted that Abeo’s popularity is not only laughable but also a confirmation that she has nothing to offer to market men and women across the state.


The market leaders said supporters of Princess Abeo are hinging their opposition against the candidature of Alhaja Saratu Konibaje, the Oyo State traders’ choice, based on the fact that she is an indigene of Ibadan.


The market leaders wonder how a candidate aspiring to become Iyaloja- General of the Oyo state, drawing supporters from some sections of the State can be a leader for all, saying It is apparent that such leader would be using divide and rule to administer.


According to them, “Now, the sectional group is saying that Princess Nurudeen Abeo is more qualified, based on her academic qualification, to this, we want to say that one doesn’t need to be a sophisticated academic before effectively and successfully leading the large body of traders of Oyo State majorly populated by people who, by their nature, need somebody, who will come down to their level, understand their plights and demands from time to time with easy accessibility to everyone, day and night.”


The statement reads, “The attention of we traders of Oyo State has been drawn to a press release made by a group of traders said to be representing Oyo, Ibarapa, Oke Ogun and Ogbomoso loyal to Princess Nurudeen. Abeo, In the said release, the group was thanking the Central Council Of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), the umbrella body of all clubs and Associations of Ibadan sons and daughters worldwide for making Princess Azeezat Folashade Nurudeen Abeo, a contender for the post of Iyaloja General of Oyo State, more popular through the release made by CCII.


“In the view of the group, CCII made Princess Nurudeen Abeo popular by saying it stands for competence which Princess Abeo represents. In actual fact, we read through the said release by CCII, and it is quite unfortunate and laughable that the zonal group did not address the main import of the CCII’s stand which was a condemnation of the tribal sentiment of the zonal supporters of Princee Nurudeen Abeo.


“To further confirm the view of CCII and the inherent tribal inclination of the supporters of Princess Abeo, the group boldly and patently sectionalize their scope, hatefully excluding Ibadanland, as if Ibadan is not part of Oyo State and inconsequential.


“Traders of Oyo State need someone, who had been in their midst for a long time. Somebody who rose through apprenticeship to before attaining competent freedom.


“Leadership of traders do not need sophistication and arrogance, but native intelligence that will make the person occupying the position to be acceptable to the young and old, whether in the low, middle or top level of the generality of the traders.


“Anybody, who wants to brandish or display or provo his or her academic competence would better relocate to the academic institutions, where he or she rightly belongs, the academia.


“To the best of our knowledge, Princess Abeo was never a practical grassroot trader , She herself confirmed it that, she was invited from Lagos to lord herself on the respectable traders of Oyo State, as if we are all nonentities without capable hands in our midst, what an insult and affront.


“Conclusively, we traders in Oyo State know the type of person we want as a leader, somebody with native intelligence, with the charisma to carry all segments of the traders along. Somebody, not of boastful sophistication, but with moderate social background and clout that will enable her perform optimally. Somebody who will stand for the right of the traders in all circumstances.


“Somebody, who will have acceptability from all the zones of Oyo State. Not somebody, who will openly and bluntly exhibit her sectionalism. Entrusting leadership in the hand of a sectional and arrogant person, will be an invitation to failure and anarchy.


“We identify with the CCII for her abhorrence for sentimentalism sectionalism and tribalism. We embrace the CCII’s positive disposition for peace and competence. We pledge our unflinching support for Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje. In her we have our confidence.”


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