Journalists demand justice for brutalised colleague by DSS officers in Oyo


Journalists in Oyo State rally to demand justice for their colleague, Mr. Tony Babatunde Daniel, a freelance Journalist and former staff of 32 FM, who was brutally assaulted by DSS officers on Friday in Ibadan.

The incident, which occured at the NNPC filling station near the State NUJ Press Centre in Iyaganku GRA, has sparked condemnation from the media community, prompting urgent calls for the perpetrators to be identified and brought to justice.

Daniel’s harrowing ordeal unfolded around 9:30 am when he was reportedly beaten by DSS officers, leaving him brutally injured before he was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

His colleagues, who were angry by the brazen attack on their fellow journalist, have united in a resounding chorus demanding swift and decisive action from the DSS headquarters to apprehend those responsible for heinous act.

Daniel recounted the events that transpired at the NNPC station, where a routine fuel purchase turned into a nightmare of brutality and intimidation at the hands of the DSS officers.

Describing the traumatic experience of being assaulted and threatened with his life, he detailed the violent encounter that left him battered and his car damaged.

He also narrated the excessive force and aggression exhibited by the alleged perpetrators.

The disturbing account of Daniel’s ordeal has led to his colleagues expressing solidarity and demanding accountability for the heinous assault on one of their own.

The shocking brutality unleashed on Daniel has not only left him physically scarred, but raised troubling questions about the conduct of security operatives entrusted with safeguarding the public.

This heinous act is coming just 24 hours after the FirstNews editor, Mr. Segun Olatunji was released from the captivity of the Defence Intelligence Agency(DIA), another security agency in the country.

The brazen attack on a journalist in the course of his duty has reignited concerns about press freedom and the safety of media practitioners, prompting a united front in condemning the wanton violence unleashed by the DSS officers.

The spotlight is firmly on the DSS headquarters to swiftly investigate the incident, identify the perpetrators, and ensure that they face the full force of the law for their reprehensible actions.

Eyewitness account corroborated Daniel’s harrowing account, expressing shock and disbelief at the brutalisation meted out by the very officers entrusted with maintaining law and order.

This incident has raised broader concerns about the conduct and oversight of security agencies, highlighting the need for reforms to prevent such flagrant abuses of power.

As the clamour for justice grows louder and the spotlight intensified on the perpetrators of this heinous act, the resolve to seek redress and ensure accountability remained unshaken


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