JUST IN: Another Oyo commissioner recovers from COVID-19 after 55 days


Ayoade, Ibadan

Oyo State Commissioner for Public Works and Transport, Prof. Rapheal Afonja, has been tested negative to coronavirus, after 55 days in isolation.

Afonja, who revealed this while speaking on Fresh 105.9FM programme, COVID-19 situation room, said he received his second negative test on Sunday afternoon.

The commissioner disclosed that 10 COVID-19 tests were conducted on him, out of which eight were positive, while the last two came back negative.

Afonja said it started with malaria and typhoid symptoms, adding that ” when I went for a blood test, it showed malaria and typhoid but then it wasn’t going away.”

He added: “At some point, I had to reach out to the government clinic. I had taken all these anti malaria medicine, I need to be tested for maybe COVID-19.I think I was two weeks into these malaria and typhoid I thought I was treating before the test came back to be positive. The symptoms of COVID-19 is similar to that of malaria as well. That’s when I realised I have to keep myself out as soon as possible.

“I was having temperature, shivering and going to the toilet frequently, I would be sweating,my temperature would be so high,I was feeling feverish. At some point, I was given malaria medicine to treat it. At a time, my oxygen level was very low. I called my dad who happens to be a medical doctor and he put me through some stuffs. I was doing everything I could do to get my immune system to where it should be.”

Afonja, who said COVID-19 is real, admonished people to adhere to the Oyo State Government and Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) guidelines on coronavirus prevention.


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