Kola Balogun Says Customs’ Invasion of Ibadan Market Is Illegal, Demands For Apology, Return of Goods Carted Away


The Senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Mohammed Kola Balogun has stated that the operation of men of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) who recently invaded Ibadan market is an aberration to the act which upholds and sustains the Customs Service.

The Senator in his reaction against the alleged dastardly acts perpetrated by men of NCS asked them to tender apologies to the traders and return the goods that were allegedly carted away in Ibadan market, Oyo State.

Kola Balogun, while deliberating with Senate Committee on Ethics, Public Petitions and Privileges members and men of NCS on interrogation centred on invasion of Ibadan market and carting away of valuable goods, described their action towards the invasion as an effrontery and illegality which are contrary to NCS’ modus operandi and act that established and sustains the organization.

The Senator quoted section of the act where the alleged men of NCS had erred the act and supreme constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He stressed that the act that orchestrated invasion and raid does not give room for carting away of their goods, but only allows to lock up their shops while foul play is discovered.

Adding that it was annoying and disheartening that the men of NCS were equally found of taking the traders’ money at night when all had gone to sleep, asked which of the act allows them to raid the markets behind the traders?.

Balogun however made mentioned of Katsina State where same men of NCS had raided and carted away their goods, stressing that with intervention of the Senate Committee on Ethics, Public Petitions and Privileges, the victims’ goods were returned.

He enjoined the committee to toe same part, while the efforts should be geared towards how the goods and money carted away in Ibadan would be returned to the owners.

He reiterated that the traders’ goods should be returned for the sake of justice, fairness and equity.

Kola Balogun noted that the traders needed to be considered and shown compassion as their means of livelihood and survival had been carted away.


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