Lamidi Adedibu: Perspectives from Awolowo, Akintola, Adelabu, Akinloye, MKO, H.I.D Awolowo


The strongman of Ibadan politics, HIgh Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Adedibu was born on Monday, 24th of October 1927 to the family of Alhaji Aminu Adeduntan Adedibu and Alhaja Asiawu Adepate Adedibu of Olupoyi compound, Oja Oba Ibadan. The aristocratic power broker of Oyo State politics died on 11th of June 2008, as Ashipa Olubadan of Ibadanland.

Here are perspectives of some legend political gladiators in Nigeria politics;

I Admire Him (Chief Obafemi Awolowo, 1955)

“Yes, you are right that Adedibu can only bark but could not bite, but that is what I admire about him. I advise you on your own to develop or cultivate a particular innate talent, which will attract recognition from me, and then I’ll give you recognition like I give to Adedibu”

He’s a Pillar on Our Own Side (Chief S.L Akintola, 1960)

“There is more to this year complaints and there are more facts than revealed. Adedibu is an Ibadan man while you also are all Ibadan. Action brings reaction; it may be that you attacked him for the mere reason that he is in Action Group. The Adedibu political life is the basic principle that attack is the best form of defense, we know him for this. A ki n’igi l’oko, ka ma mo eso re. He is a pillar on our own side and since we cannot deny him, we can also not deny his action”

He Always Stakes his life on Awolowo Issues (Alh. Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemessi, 1957)

“Lamidi, where are your leaders who borrowed from Awolowo/AG government and used their properties as collateral. They run away because they cannot face the masses while you Lamidi always and constantly take the risk by staking your life as a collateral on Awolowo Issues”

He’s a Cheerful Giver (Chief MKO Abiola, 1993)

“It’s only in Oyo State that we do not have. Presidential aspirant out of all the thirty (30) states in the country. This was due to Baba Adedibu’s convincing influence and acceptance, which was on the premise that he believes that the success or otherwise of anything is God’s Will. He’s a cheerful giver and doyen of Amala-Gbegiri politics. I am also one of the students of Amala-Gbegiri politics, which belongs to the commoners. Baba is an asset”

He’s a Devoted and Loyal Associate (High Chief A.M.A Akintola, 1951)

“Adedibu’s devotion and loyalty to the cause of my personal self is absolute”

He’s Awolowo’s Son (H.I.D Awolowo, 1989)

“Adedibu is Baba’s Son. Adedibu would relate age-long events of remote past in such terms to render them as if they are happening in the present”

Extracts from a book titled “Adedibu: The Strongman and Generalissimo of Nigerian Politics” co-authored by Lekan Saka and Hazeem Gbolarumi


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