Makinde is Instigating Dissolution of Our State Executive Council – Oyo ADC alleges


By Oluwakemi Ishola 

Leadership crisis is brewing in the Oyo State Chapter of African Democratic Congress (ADC) as the state executives of the party alleged that Engr. Seyi Makinde-led PDP government is collaborating with some of its members to instigate dissolution of its state executive council.

It will be recalled that ADC last week Friday issued a communique, describing Governor Makinde as Ungrateful for his failure to respect the 2019 coalition agreement.

In a press release jointly signed by its Acting Chairman, Rev. Ezekiel Adeniran, Ass Publicity Secretary, Pastor David Orolade and others, Bx made available  to the Pacesetter News on Sunday, the party said that the move is to empanel a kangaroo caretaker committee which will be willing, able and ready to do the bidding of the current ruling party.

Read the detailed press release:

Press Statement

This mercantile approach to politics is sickening – Oyo ADC

The attention of the Oyo State Chapter of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), has been drawn to the plans by some members of our party, who, in cahoots with the ruling party and government in Oyo State, have finalised plans, to invite, incite and induce the National Executive Committee of our party to dissolve the current State Executive Committee, and consequently empanel a kangaroo Caretaker Committee, which will be willing, able and ready to do the bidding of the current ruling party.

While we already know the identity of those behind this laughable plan, and aren’t surprised at all as it were, for we know that their stock in trade, (especially now that they have children and allies in the current Oyo State government, while still pretending to remain members of our party, and are themselves defacto members of the Peoples Democratic Party), is to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, we’re shocked that the National Executive Committee of our party, which played no part in our political campaigns, especially that of our governorship candidate, despite the deluge of funds accruable to it, particularly from aspirants from Oyo State, and failed to make refunds when same was recommended as a basis for reconciliation with aggrieved aspirants, could lend itself to such petty and puerile politics.

Besides, what would even be the excuse of the National Executive Committee to, without recourse to good reasoning, sound judgment or factual evidence, arbitrarily dissolve the Oyo State Executive Committee? Is it to mean that its touted “money for hand, back for ground” style, which got several people disappointed with the National Executive Committee of our party in the build-up to the 2019 polls, is never for once going to end?

It is instructive to add that, the National Executive Committee’s local collaborators here, particularly those in bed with those at helms of the state affairs, being a set of ingrates that they are, would definitely not see anything wrong in such classless and unprincipled position, and would, as available information suggests, heavily fund such undemocratic takeover. After all, the lesser the available opposition, the better it is for their floundering, nonperforming and inexperienced government, we can only put them on notice, that from time immemorial, betrayers have never succeeded, they’re not likely to, this time too.

As a party of principled men and women, committed to the welfare and socioeconomic empowerment of our people, we feel it can only be right, to appeal to Senator Olufemi Lanlehin (SOLAN), our governorship candidate in the last polls, to forthwith, without much ado, begin the processes of forging partnership and negotiations with any other political party, other than this present “cash and carry”, “bread and butter” platform, whose love for filthy lucre, has blinded some of its topshots¬† to abandon principles, and chase shadows.

Like we rightly opined in our last communique, despite the ungratefulness of those we helped to power, the shameful actions of their local collaborators, and the deceitful stance of our National Executive Committee, we, of the Oyo State Chapter of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), will continue to contribute our quota to the peace, progress and prosperity of not only Oyo State in particular,
but also that of Nigeria in general.

At the end of it all, we shall surely be vindicated.

Rev. Ezekiel Adeniran
Ag. State Chairman

Pastor David Orolade
Asst. Publicity Secretary

Alhaji Muraina Kakako
Financial Secretary

Alhaja Omotunde Lawal 
Oyo Central Woman Leader

Hon. Femi Oke


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