Makinde: Ladoja’s Swift Congratulatory Message, An Antidote To Reconciliation and Forgiveness By Lanre Ogundipe


Our respected elder and former governor of Oyo State, High Chief Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja RAL, has sent a congratulatory message to Governor Seyi Makinde on his re-election for another four year term. The message truly diffused tension amongst his die-hard supporters across the state and beyond. The message was couched in poetic expressions leaving those in creative writings to note that a new writer is born amongst core writers in the Engineering field – this gladden the hearts that indeed a ‘poet’ is born in RAL. RAL’s congratulatory greeting though appeared simplistic, is indeed a Food for Thought or a milestone of reference that cannot be glossed over.


At this juncture, victory is always acknowledged to be sweet though, it has to be managed in such a way that it will not be seen as an albatross devoid of respect and sanity. Re-dedication and commitment aimed at rectifying past mistakes are what should be given priority attention, no matter what it takes. Ladoja’s poetic lines are well constructed and short of any ambiguity. They are such that could easily get the ear of those who care to listen. Quoting the lines – “All the dramatis personae have quit the stage with their laurels and bruises leaving you alone. What is now left are your promises and stark realities”.


Your Excellency, are you ready to bear your father’s name? – please attend to all the electoral promises, not pandering to the whims and caprices of the political demi-gods who would tell you – we made it happen! Seyi, GSM, do not yield to temptation…yielding to it is an anathema. Every eye is on you to see whether or not the franchise invested is worthwhile.


In all honesty, these lines coming from RAL qualify for the residency on the ” Words on Marble” space. The lines are pungent and loaded too. Yeah! Campaign is gone, promises made to secure renewal of tenure are debts hanging on Mr. Governor, his team and his handlers/footsoldiers alike and this writer cannot escape the “wrath” if Seyi Makinde failed on his promises. Therefore, the message should not be lost on discerning minds who are able to read in between lines, hence my reference to the poetic lines that it’s not just an ordinary congratulatory message. It is a political message that calls for proper rumination and scrutiny. The beauty of winning an election is not in the number of votes garnered to push one to victory but a commitment to ensuring that electoral promises are kept to the admiration of the people.
The concluding part of the message was a prayer – “May God help you succeed in line with the people’s expectations.
Mr Governor, your victory at the polls in the just concluded elections was resounding and record breaking since the creation of Oyo State in 1976 and its recreation in 1991. You cannot afford to be afraid of removing any barrier that could hinder or retard the democratic dividends you are bringing to the table most especially creating an economy that is healthy.
In the word of a friend – there is no third term. Your party logo represents a tower you can always run into for refuge and the Goodwill you have in the people will always be a plus for you. Therefore, you cannot afford to ride rough shoulder with the people’s mandate.


Chief Ladoja is a stylish politician and an astute businessman. Mark it, his words stand a warning and a wake up call.


A prism in yoruba says: “aati ko’fa nle, ifa nse” – Oracle divination/propriation has not been completely rounded off, its predictions are already manifesting.
Former Oyo State Governor, Rasidi Ladoja’s advice contained in his congratulatory message to Seyi Makinde is meant to guide the latter in his post gubernatorial victory utterances and conduct. It is expected that this advice should have been digested and appropriately worked upon by Governor Makinde to appease those who might have been wounded one way or the other and also those not happy about his victory, minding the implications if this appeasement is not effected. Honestly, it is not time for any ‘BUGA’ partying nor time for flaunting successes; rather, it should be time for renewed strength to re-dedicate himself to building a new Oyo State. There is no doubting the fact that Mr Governor had some flaws and deficit of positive expectations while administering the state during this outgoing first term and it is only human that these flaws and deficit are committed. Despite these human deficiencies, his Excellency was still favoured to serve the good people of Oyo State for another term of four years.


He has according to him, broken the barriers of political ceiling glasses. He should endeavour to also actualise this to pave way for his core programmes of action vis-a-vis education, health, agriculture, security etc to survive exceedingly.

Mr. Governor should be advised to note that the sweeping victory he earned at the polls should not necessarily be copied to making sweeping statements that go with the wind. He must be careful!


As a Christian, the Bible says: “You have faith and I have works. Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” Your Excellency, kindly note this:
Vulture is a patient bird…
be watchful
the bees swamps
are totting
the cloud is aware
and the gods are
with bulging owl eyes….-

This should always be your quote of guide.

Lanre Ogundipe is a former NUJ President


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