Murder of Yoruba Obas Is Embarrassing, Says Satguru Maharaj Ji


The Living Perfect Master and Founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has revealed the reasons behind the recent killing of some traditional rulers in the South-West saying it is worse.

According to Maharaj Ji, the recent murder of two traditional Kings in Nigeria’s South-West, precisely in Ekiti State, is yet another testimony against the handling of African heritage in Nigeria.

Recall that the Elesun of Esun-Ekiti, Oba David Ogunsakin and the Onimojo of Omokola-Ekiti, Oba Olatunde Olusola, were shot dead by a band of criminals on their return from a meeting held at Irele-Ekiti.

“It is not gainsaying that our traditional African institutions have been extensively corrupted! Values and principles that are synonymous with low society’s filthy characters have crept into our once sacred traditional systems, by which money combines with abominable British colonial political constructs to constitute the forces that determines who occupy the revered thrones left behind by our profound and glorious Ancestors.

“Preceding the advent of European raid, rape and desecration of Africa, African Kings emerged from puritan and powerful processes of inheritance, selection and grooming.

“Our Kings of old were no pedestrian souls. They were highly elevated spirits cast in the gleaming quintessence of high divine stratification. Kings, originally, were human incarnates of advanced souls. They were, by virtue of their towering spiritual status, recognized and revered as gods, and they very well functioned as such in total adherence to the immaculate norms of true royalty.

“In these Eurocentric days of open African disregard for African heritage in the name of Europe’s Jesus and Arabs’ Allah, we have known criminals and congenital abominations being crowned as Kings.

“The powers of an authentic African King are bestowed on him by the Ancestors through the sacred intermediary of relevant Deities. In this wise, the life of a true African monarch lies in the hands of the super-powerful Ancestors and Dei- ties who established him as King. Such monarchs are not beings to be confronted or killed by mere mortals!

“African Kings made so by the feeble power of money spewing from the deep pockets of corruption are the monarchs whose wives are raped by hoodlums on palace grounds. They are the specie of traditional rulers who eat and booze in public.

“Many (if not most) of our African monarchs, particularly in Nigeria, are products of deliberate by-pass of sacred processes of authentication and fortification, on account of non-qualification for the throne. such Kings are avoided by our African Ancestors and Deities, leaving them either spiritually empty or restricted to the fringes of spiritual authority and protection.

“A true African King personifies the transcendental divine authority of our African Ancestors. He has no business with Europe’s Jesus or with Arabs’ Allah. An authentic African King does not make his choice of wife, wives or mistresses from the open public of all sorts, but from either royal homes or from a special selection made for him by the Ancestors speaking through the Kingdom’s nucleus Oracles.

“A true African King does not lay curses. He is a lover who rules with the humane and objective firmness of the divine spirits that authenticate and fortify his throne. A King has no business doing business directly. He is catered for by The Supreme Creator and the Ancestors who bless his subjects well-enough to supply him all needed or desired material comfort. In other words, he is to use his subjects responsibly as proxies.

“An African King who dances in public is indirectly announcing his desire to quit the throne! The very moment our traditional rulers embraced the idea of building churches or mosques on their palace-premises, they became qualified for open disrespect and public disgrace, leading gradual death.

“My Divine Knowledge is the Grace Ifa, Orunmila, Obatala etc., gave the people and used in creating the Deities and Oracles that have sustained the Culture of Alajobi till now. It reconnects the receiver to the secrets of all the Seven Elements Earth, water, Air, Fire, Sun, Moon, Star which constitutes the universe.

“The boldness and success associated with the crime of targeting an African monarch with gun, sword, knife, cudgel or ‘juju’ stem from his alienation by the guiding and protective spirits of the Kingdom.

“The crisis of self-immolation through “acts of commission and omission” also contributed to stripping monarchs of their powers.

“In several instances, before you become an Oba, you are expected to go to an Ipebi (three-month seclusion in a native shrine) where you are tutored about spiritual things, laws, and ethics. That was why traditional rulers that we met as young people in the 60s, 70s, and 80s were profound.

“But from the 90s, we began to witness traditional rulers who were less profound than their predecessors. This is because they began to adopt certain practices that went against the decree. Some began to treat the Ipebi as not fundamental.

“You would even hear stories of neo-traditional rulers moonlighting from the Ipebi. You would think they were in there but they were in Lagos enjoying themselves. Now, you find many of them have never been to Ipebi,

“In the past, monarchs offered sacrifices but you will see them in modern times frowning at this and saying, ‘I’m a Christian’ or ‘I’m a Muslim.’ Why are you vying for traditional offices when you can’t follow the due rites? This is why they have become weakened.

“Some traditional rulers have in recent times been seen attending public programmes organised by religious organisations. A recent video on social media showed some Yoruba monarchs singing and dancing at an event organised by a popular Pentecostal church. This reduced kings to the downtrodden.

“You see our traditional rulers going to churches and mosques, bowing before pastors. I am saddened by the gradual downfall of the monarchs in Yoruba land.

“Yet, as I rightly assert, our ancestors embellished them with the identities of the Gods and the supernatural, but they’ve distanced themselves and are now downtrodden. They have failed to renew their protective rites and ended up rendering themselves powerless.

“The stool, Akpere Oba must not be sat upon by any person to avoid death.
Oba must not shake hands, it is a taboo.

May the departed souls of the murdered ‘Obas’ reincarnate to serve humanity in appropriate capacity”Maharaj Ji added.


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