N1.2 Million Alleged Fraud: Naija TODAY News Publisher Challenges Folasade Abeo, Dares Her To Provide Evidence In 48hrs


The publisher, Naijatodaynew.com, an online news platform in Oyo state, Prince Adetunji Fabode has challenged the self acclaimed Iyaloja General Of Oyo State, Princess Folasade Abeo to publish evidence of her allegation of N1.2 Million fraud against him or face the full wrath of the law.

Princess Abeo was said to have raised the fraud allegation in a publication last week, claiming the publisher had dupe some people in her camp, the sum of N1.2 million in the past.

In a reaction to the allegation, Prince Fabode gave 48hrs ultimatum for princess Abeo to release the evidences.

“One of the constitutional duties of the media is to be the last hope of the masses and to report verifiable, timely and realistic news in order to feed the public the true picture of happenings around them without bias or favouritism.

“I am not unaware of the crude and semi informed minds who have chosen the path of blogging to become stooge in the hands of a person who has no track record of truth but seeking relevance through dubious means in order to gain prominence as a self acclaimed Iyaloja, Mrs. Folashade Nurudeen Abeo

“I know Mrs. Folashade Nurudeen Abeo through a prominent personality in Oyo state who introduced her to me and sought for my professional input to give her media teeth and prior to my partnering with her in this regard, I established the fact that I will project her as long as she stands for the truth but I later discovered that she is a chameleon who wears any colour she prefer in order to achieve her aims and this prompted my decision to avoided further dealings with her as a journalist.

“While she was in the U.K of recent, she called me via the social media, trying to appeal into my consciousness to stop writing against her and I reminded her of the fact that I’m doing my job as a journalist and I have a mandate to write on the truth while also upholding it and I will never bury the truth just to protect someone who disguise as a friend to her dependants but pose as the real enemy of the state.

“Evidences of the call she made to me and other details are stored in my archives till date.

“I do not know where at this advance age, someone will attempt to play on the intelligence of many sane stakeholders in Oyo state who are not for her cheap game of the mind which has been nailed across board by concerned prominent figures in the Oyo State Traders Association and seeing that, she want to rub my hard earned integrity in the mud having noticed that the power of the media has revealed her evil machineries and strategies aimed at fanning discord among the entire pace setter state.

“Let me borrow from the words of Sir Winston Churchill who said “must we fall into the jabber and babel of discord while victory is still unattained?

“On this note, I’m challenging and daring Mrs. Folashade Abeo to present all the facts and evidences she has against me to back up her claim that I had duped some people in the past, I want her to publish the full details of the person I duped, where I duped the person, audio, pictorial and video evidence of the agreement between me and the person whom they claimed I duped and other details to support her accusations against me in the next 48 Hours, failure of which I shall engage in a legal tussle with her for attempting to defame my image as a referred journalist in Oyo state, Known for upholding and publishing the truth, a key tenet of the journalism profession.

“I have known Mrs. Folashade Abeo to be a serial liar, character assassinator for years and I’m shocked she has remained like that, this further confirms how desperate she can be when seeking for anything that is not her.

“Let me state categorically that Mrs. Folashade Nurudeen Abeo should be reminded that I’m not an inconsequential personality that she can threaten with words or legal means but an experienced journalist, writer and publisher who doesn’t need to patronize anyone in order to gain prominence or to make ends meet. I have a verifiable track record of promoting only verifiable news and not comparable in any way to those premature bloggers she’s patronizing who are seeking for traffic for their site and to find daily peanuts to sustain their shrinking bellies.

“Since I’ve been publishing news content in Naijatodaynew.com, no one has ever come out to label me as a person of questionable character talkless of been accused of any corrupt practice whatsoever, how then will I be in the net of a serial liar like Mrs. Folashade Abeo who is looking to bring me down through her unstructured fragmented lies against my personality and media stream.

“Folashade should be warned to note very clearly that her recent outburst against me claiming that I dupe someone #1.2million should be brought forward to the public domain with facts and evidences to back it up, I’m challenging her to present the full details of the person she claimed I duped, with clear evidence in the next 48 hours.

“I do not see any reason for further debate of words with Folashade Nurudeen Abeo since she has chosen to go this far, I’m also ready to use the means of the law to let her eat the humble pie and to serve as deterrent for further actions aimed at tarnishing my reputation as a promoter of sound media practice who do not go against the ethics of truthful reporting in journalism.

“I have already instituted a legal proceeding on this matter. As law abiding citizen that I am, I believe in engaging the law for social engineering since it remain an impartial tool for justice.

“Let me also remind the public that it is on record that Folashade Abeo had been parading herself as a self acclaimed Iyaloja General of Oyo State as far back as year 2020 prior to the demise of the immediate past Iyaloja general of Oyo state, Alhaja Wuraola Asake Daisi”

“As at that time, Alhaja Saratu Aduke was the Otun Iyaloja General of Oyo State which makes her the second in command which culturally makes her the next in the chain of command in the traders association and this establish to us that she has been in the system for a long time and knows her onion unlike the Folashade Abeo who is only power drunk and has no trade mark in the scheme of leadership of Oyo State Traders and Artisans Association.

“Only a power grabber will want to claim a seat of another person when the person is still alive , this action is not just establishing her treacherous tendencies but also her covetousness which is pointing towards danger for the entire state, someone of Abeo’s nature would not mind to take the life of any person just to have her way and her actions call for more legal actions.

“I met Alhaja Saratu Aduke in the similar way I met Folashade Abeo and she sought for prompt reporting of her activities through my media channel having confirmed us to stand for the truth and nothing else and my relationship with her till date is hinged on her truthful, legal and majority based support, to lead the traders association having had the needed experiences and knowledge as a former otun Iyaloja general with wider acceptability.

“I call on Mrs. Folashade Abeo to come clean and stop polishing lies and embrace the path of justice, rather than soiling my public personality, if she cannot produce any verifiable evidences to authenticate all her claims against me, the law will take it’s due course between me and her and I would also not hesitate to file a suit against every one whom she’s using in the pursuit of her suicide mission against me.

“On this note , I humbly call on the executive Governor of Oyo state, Engr. Seyi Makinde to wade in on this matter and issue Certificate of Office to the authentic Iyaloja General of Oyo State, Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje so that peace can be restored to the traders’ association as a result of Abeo’s divide and rule strategies which has been denounced by two-thirds of the traders population.

“Recall that the free and fair election that produce Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje as the Iyaloja general of Oyo state which saw her lead by 7 clusters votes against Abeo’s 2 cluster votes was in compliance with court judgement which had earlier ruled on the matter that the emergence of the new Iyaloja must follow due process of a well contested election with full participation of all the clusters of the trade association within the state.

“While we await H.E ,Gov. Seyi Makinde’s anticipated Issuance of Certificate of Office to the Iyaloja General Of Oyo State, Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje, members of the public should note that Folashade Abeo’s cup is now full and all her hanky-panky should be outrightly ignored”.


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