Nationwide Strike: NLC Conniving With Opposition To Bring Pain On Nigerians  – Satguru Maharaj Ji  Alleges 


The founder of One Love Family and Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji has accused the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) of conniving with the opposition to inflict pain on Nigerians.


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and its affiliates including the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), on Tuesday, began a nationwide strike, in defiance to a restraining court order barring them from embarking on the industrial action.


The two major labour unions, NLC and TUC, had declared the strike, following the brutalisation of the NLC president, Joe Ajaero, in Imo State on 1 November. Mr Ajaero was attacked in Owerri, the state capital, during an NLC protest against the Imo State government over alleged maltreatment of workers in the state.


The unions on Monday directed their members to down tools across the country as from Tuesday.

This is despite the restraining order issued by the National Industrial Court, in Abuja, on Friday, stopping the labour unions from embarking on the strike.

In a statement by One Love Family Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa and personally signed by Satguru Maharaj Ji said the NLC is apparently against the Federal Government and the country at large.

Describing the NLC leaders as greedy, prejudiced, and evil, Maharaj Ji said they are funded by the opposition to cause chaos.

He said: “As critical stakeholders in the Nigeria project, we are compelled to react to the strike by the NLC. This is not only unnecessary, it is wicked and not in the best interest of the nation.

“The NLC has lost its way. I am not surprised though. Its leadership displayed its partisan nature by endorsing a particular presidential candidate in the last elections.

“It is common knowledge that strike is the last resort after a failed series of negotiations. However, the Federal Government has shown a willingness to dialogue. The President has also made certain efforts to cushion the sufferings of Nigerians.

“I, therefore, is convinced that the NLC is conniving with the opposition to wreak havoc on the economy and intentionally create tension in the nation. This is the sad reality.

“I wish to use this medium to call on well-meaning Nigerians to support the Federal Government and shun acts capable of leading to anarchy. I am by this notice, urging security agents, to be on alert for the next phase of the planned anti-Nigeria agenda.

“It is of note that NLC’s insistence on the strike is despite the federal government’s engagement with its leadership to explore options for addressing its demands. This raised our suspicion that the union may not be upfront with Nigerians as to the true intent of its industrial action.

“Ominously, it is now being mentioned that the NLC leadership has received $5 million from a certain opposition leader for mobilizing the strike, organizing protests, and throwing the country into crisis. The aim is for NLC to paint the Asiwaju government black and cause a destabilization plot that will bring the government down.

Accordingly, One Love Family expressed displeasure that the nation’s economy and social activities should not suffer because of the personal interests of any labour leader.

“This decision by the NLC and TUC, other than being an ego-tripping move, is unwarranted. It is an attempt to blackmail the government by the leadership of the NLC.

We are yet to recover from the unwarranted mischievous fever of the Emefiele currency design racket in which hundreds got injured and died and yet our leaders have not learnt a lesson from this bastardized act of treason and incorrigible act of barbarism.

“We are still at a loss as to why the NLC and TUC decided to punish a whole country of over 200 million people over a personal matter involving the NLC President, Mr. Joe Ajaero, whose error of judgment led to an assault on him in Owerri while he was planning to incite the workers in Imo State into a needless strike.

“Some of our European friends have been assisting the country with loans for recovery while others have prophesized that there will be war before, during and after the elections and using local agents to actualize their selfish ends otherwise how on earth can one single entity upturn the industrial court with personal opinions which led to the unnecessary, unhealthy, barbaric treatment of Ajaero who actually did not fully understand that Nigeria is under the guidance of the Ancestors to overcome all challenges no matter how tempestuous, the terrain might be therefore it is only a spiritual bankrupt person can think so.low that Nigeria is housing the Living Perfect Master of this Age.

“Much as we do not support the wicked manner the Labour President was treated and injured, we feel that dialogue should be the answer through law and order and therefore national strike is not the answer because two wrongs cannot make a right.

“Remember if the wall did not break, the lizard will mot enter. We are grateful that Ajaero is alive but Ken Sarowiwa is dead in the course of seeking for justice, freedom and liberty. Don’t forget that my ban on doom predictions of 1990 and my declaration that Come What May, No War In Nigeria still stands.

“We reiterate that this strike action is illegal, immoral, unjustifiable, and irresponsible, and therefore the full weight of the law will be  brought to bear on anybody who thinks he is bigger than Nigeria, the people of Nigeria and the Constitution of  Nigeria,” the statement reads


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