NOA seeks support for better Nigeria


A clarion call has been made to all Nigerians by the state Director National Orientation Agency (NOA) Oyo, Dr. Olukemi Afolayan, to join hands in boosting the efforts of the Agency and key in to its various campaigns. 

The passionate appeal was contained in a press release forwarded to the media in Oyo state by the media unit of the Agency.

The release captured the response of the state Director while featuring in a no holds barrel discussion bothering on National issues on “Situation room “anchored by Mayor Issac brown today.

The State Director emphasised the need to re- work our broken values and address other ills besetting the country only by collective efforts as patriotic citizens through attitudinal Orientation.

The State Director inquired that “If Americans pray Daily to God to bless the United States, what stops us from displaying such love to our own country?”

Afolayan also reiterated that the Agency is in midway between the government and the people. She said as it efficiently mobilize for patriotic participation of the populace so its keeping the government in its toes through the regular feedback mechanism from the people to the Government.

Dr. Afolayan further stated that the Agency is well poised to address the challenges of value degeneration but seek the cooperation of all Nigerians to know where things go wrong and amend their ways by doing the right thing.

While answering questions on the pervasive value decline in the Society , the director charged all Nigerians to embrace positive values that will make them shun vices and embrace desirable attitude that can promote human flourishing and common good of all.


She harped on the need to respect our National symbols and also cautioned the youth from the dangers inherent in desperate bid to leave the country as illegal immigrants . She said ‘ no place is comfortable like home and we have to make the country better and economically buoyant like those countries we are aspiring to go to.”

The anchorman, Mayor Issac brown enjoined the government to provide the Agency with more funds and also called on the people to rally round the Agency for the realisation of its mandate.


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