Ogbomoso South State Constituency: A Pay-Back Time for Sanjo Onaolapo Adedoyin | Alao Gbolahan


Politics is all about impacting positively on the lives of the masses. It’s a two-side event which involves the leader and the followers.

Nigeria, an heterogeneous nation, with diverse ethnicities, returned to a democratic rule in 1999, after a lot of military incursions which had negatively affected the people.


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFRN, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was sworn in as the elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 29th May, 1999.

For the sake of this write-up, which primarily dwells much on the outstanding and exceptional representation of the Ogbomoso South State Constituency by Hon. Sanjo Onaolapo Adedoyin, the current member representing Ogbomoso South State Constituency who is the current Majority Leader of Oyo State House of Assembly, efforts have been made to discuss the promises made by this capable, hardworking, conscientious and constituents-loving legislator and how far these promises have been fulfilled.

These are discussed under the following headings: His disposition to his primary assignment as a legislator; employment generation to his constituents; facilitating infrastructural developmental projects to his Constituency; personal provision of people-oriented projects to his Constituency; personal financial and pecuniary aids to the needy; education intervention projects;  sponsoring and moving of people-oriented motions on the floor of the House, amongst others.

Since all the aforementioned issues fall within the purview of effective representation, which will be discussed later here, please permit me to digress a little bit.

Immediately after the inauguration of the current State House of Assembly in June, 2019, Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin made some promises to his people. Those who were there can vividly remember some of these promises.

One of these is that he would always make himself accessible and reachable to his people. In fact, he has never reneged on this promise as his doors are widely open to visit by his people and people outside his Constituency. I stand to be corrected, he is the most visible, accessible and approachable among the current elected and appointed political officials in the entire Ogbomoso zone. He wines and dines with his people, listens to them and attends to their numerous needs.

Also, his promise to always make his phone line available to his people is 100% fulfilled. Except in rare cases when exigency of duties disallows him, he has never denied anybody access to him on the phone. One hardly comes by a politician who has patience and perseverance to receive scores of phone calls on daily basis.

Another fulfilled promise is his resolve to spend his weekends with his constituents. Some of his political adversaries even attested to this fact. At a public function in Ogbomoso sometimes around May this year, one of the two men who sat beside me who later claimed to be APC member, having sighted Sanjay said, “This man is a blessing to the entire people of Ogbomoso. A Majority Leader whose achievements have surpassed those of some of Ogbomoso-born legislators who occupied Speakership position in the past”.


The other one identified himself as a product of Sanjay’s effective representation. According to him, if not for Sanjay that moved a motion on the floor of the House for the re-absorption of the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Staff who were wickedly and heartlessly laid off by late former Governor Ajimobi, perhaps that ugly and sad occurrence would have sent him to his untimely grave before then, thereby making his children orphans.

Immediately the legislator (Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin) took a seat at the function, these two men went straight to him and exchanged pleasantries with him. I have never discussed this with him for some reasons.

It’s now time to discuss his achievements as a lawmaker representing Ogbomoso South State Constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly.

Sponsoring of people-oriented bills on the floor of the House, these include: Ban on the Open-grazing and some other bills.


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