Olakunmi Backs Taye Currency’s Clamour On Support for Ibadan Stars In Entertainment Industry


Following the appeal made by Ibadan-born fuji icon, Taye Currency, on the need to support Ibadan’s entertainment sector, Mr. Babatunde Olakunmi, an Ibadan indigene, has reacted, backing the call.

Olakunmi, a businessman, who is based in America, echoed his wholehearted support in a statement personally signed and made available to journalists on Friday in Ibadan.

While maintaining that the potential growth and prosperity within Ibadan, he noted that local stars of Ibadan can attain new heights in the entertainment landscape if fully supported.

In the same vein, he commended Taye Currency’s dedication and inspiration to uplift fellow musicians through power of solidarity within the entertainment community.

The statement read: “Taye Currency’s call to action resonates deeply with me, as I have observed from afar the potential for growth and prosperity within Ibadan’s vibrant entertainment scene.

“As an individual with roots firmly planted in Ibadan, I recognize the importance of fostering a culture of unity and encouragement among its talented artists.

“From across the miles, I affirm Taye Currency’s assertion that by rallying together and providing unwavering support to our local stars, Ibadan can ascend to new heights within the entertainment landscape.

“While cities like Lagos and a few others have long been heralded as hubs of creativity and innovation, I firmly believe that with the right backing, Ibadan has the capacity to rival even the most prominent players in the industry.

“Taye Currency’s dedication to uplifting fellow musicians serves as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the transformative power of solidarity within the entertainment community.

“It is heartening to witness the growing momentum within Ibadan’s entertainment sector, and I am confident that with continued support and investment, our city will emerge as a formidable force to be reckoned with on the national stage.

“Let us heed Taye Currency’s call to action and unite in our efforts to nurture and champion Ibadan’s exceptional talent.

“Together, we can cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all who call Ibadan home.”


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