On Akinyele Serial Killer Fiasco and How to Keep Safe |Adesokan Waliyullah


The topic how not to get killed by a serial killer should be broached by all Akinyele residents. Not their faults anyway, but that’s what we, the society has saddled them with. An apprehended criminal, a serial killer for that matter, escaped. I guess the next question to ask is how many criminals do we lose in a day?

For our loving mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in Akinyele, you are not alone. Now is the time to be security conscious. Now is the time to be vigilant, observant and be deliberate in all movements and during rest.

First thing to note is that a serial killer is not at all time after sex. It is about control. At times, their prime motivator is the satisfaction of having power over someone’s life. They are control freak. Their complexity is more psychological than material.

Secondly, they often lack remorse. Therefore the chance for successful rehabilitation is drastically low. Life incarceration or terminal sentence should be preferred punishment.

Thirdly, we need to know how and what to do to reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a serial killer:

1. Do not do what their victims did
Like walk in the dark alone, or staying alone when you can avoid not to. If you find yourself unavoidably alone, be aware of the closest crowded place.

2. Be Conscious of Your Environment
Notice the unusual in your surroundings. An unfamiliar person loitering around is a red flag and should be accosted.

3. If You Must Go out at Night, Don’t Do it Alone. Night walking should be discouraged. If you must, kindly be accompanied. This will reduce the risk of being jumped at.

4. Secure the House
Lock doors and fasten the windows properly. Burglary irons are not even enough to stop intruders these days. Identify the vulnerable parts of the house and address them.

5. Knock! Knock! Who is there?
It is a school rhyme but also an etiquette before you open the door for anyone. Some doors have verifying peepholes you can consult before opening the door.

6. Turn Every Day items to Weapons
If you must always go out, or you find yourself alone most time, you must learn how to turn everyday items into weapons: like keys, pens, phones, etc. And try hitting the most vulnerable parts of the body when you attack.

Despite the grey areas surrounding the Akinyele fiasco, one thing is certain. We need to be safe.

May we not find ourselves face-to-face with a serial killer. Given the reality on ground, we need prayers, and need to keep safe. But the departing questions are;

How could a criminal of such gruesome murders be a guy whose reward is a meal treat? How could a criminal of such fame escape police net so easily? Why would a criminal capable of such planned attacks find his way back to areas of his scene guilelessly after escaping? It seems there is more to the story.

May God keep us all safe!

Reference: Gary Rodgers; how to avoid being killed by a serial killer.

Adesokan Babatunde Waliyullah writes from Oyo – Oyo State.


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