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Onikoyi’s Throne: No Ruling House Answering Ashamu-Ladipupo – Oladipupo Royal Family

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Following a media report alledgedly claiming that four ruling houses are entitled to the stoll of Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile in Oriire Local Government Area of Oyo State, the Oladipupo Royal Family has countered the argument, saying that no ruling house in Ikoyi-Ile that is known as Ashamu-Ladipo ruling house.

They urged the general public to disregard the fake news credited to a faceless palace source, adding that the late Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile, Oba Abdulyekeen Ayinla Oladipupo was not from the said non-existence ruling house called Ashamu-Ladipo, but rather came from a ruling house known as Oladipupo ruling house.

A statement by the family maintained that no law or document backed the assertion that the next king is expected to come from Ojo Atoyebi ruling house.

According to them, “There is nothing in this present Ikoyi-Ile like four ruling houses in Ikoyi-Ile that produces the Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile, the only Royal family and ruling house that is solely entitled to the stool of Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile is Oladipupo royal/ruling family/house.

The statement reads,”Our attention has been drawn to the speculative history and news published on one National Dailies dated 25th Day of April, we want to state categorically that the content of the news was irredeemably fake, false, fallacious that must be discarded by everyone that comes across it.

“We also like to correct the impression accredited to a faceless palace source by the author that there is no document or approved government declaration that stated that there shall be four ruling houses to the stool of Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile namely Adegun; Adesite; Ashamu-Ladipo and Ojo Atoyebi as stated by the author (Mr. Ademola Adegbite).

“Also, the assertion of the author that the next king is expected to come from Ojo Atoyebi ruling house which is contrary to the custom and traditions of Ikoyi-Ile presently.

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“And the assertion of the author Oriire local of Government of Ogbomoso zone, Oriire Local Government is an area within Oyo State and it has not being part of Ogbomoso and there is nothing in Oyo State like Oriire Local Government of Ogbomoso zone. It is a separate Local Government which was curved out of old defunct Oyo Local Government.

“We are using this medium to challenge the so called palace source and the author to provide any evidence or document(s) that has/have the approval of the Oyo State Government stipulating the numbers of ruling house(s) in Ikoyi-Ile and the manner of rotation”.

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