Oyo South Senator, Alli Moves Motion To Seek Immortalization of Late Designer of National Flag


The Senate, on Tuesday, asked the Federal Government to immortalise the late designer of the national flag, Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi.


After the motion moved by Senator Sharafadeen Abiodun Alli lawmaker representing Oyo South Senatorial District, the lawmakers observed a minute silence.



They also called on the Federal Government to conduct a state burial in his honour for his befitting role in the design of the national flag.



A statement by Akeem Abas, Special Adviser to Senator Sharafadeen Alli on Media reads: “Today, Tuesday 21st of November, I moved a motion for immortalization and organisation of state burial for late Taiwo Akinkunmi, OFR ‘Mr Flag’ the designer of the Nigerian National Flag whom the nation lost to the cold hands of death on August 29, 2023.


“I moved the motion before the esteemed Senate to recognise and honour the outstanding contributions of Taiwo Akinkunmi, the distinguished designer and creative mind behind Nigeria’s national flag, an enduring symbol of our nation’s unity, strength and identity.




“In the motion, I urged the Senate to observe a minute silence in honour late Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi, mourn his death, immortalize him and organise a befitting state burial for this national hero.


“In its resolve, the Senate observed a minute silence in his honour, mourn the loss and expressed condolences to his family and loved ones.


“It recognised the late Akinkunmi’s exceptional and patriotic service to Nigeria through his design of the Nigerian national flag


“The Senate urged the Federal Government to immortalize the memory of Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi OFR, “Mr. Flag” by establishing a befitting and enduring tribute in his honour.


“This may include naming a prominent national monument, institution or public space after him, and creating an educational program that informs present and future generations about his significant role in Nigeria’s history.



“In recognition of his immense contributions to the nation, the Senate further urged the Federal Government to accord Mr. Taiwo Akinkunimi a state burial, befitting his role as a national hero and symbol of our unity and pride, and


“Also to ensure that Mr. Akinkunmi’s legacy endures, the Senate therefore urges the Federal Government to support initiatives that document his life story and achievements: for historical preservation and education, including the production of literature, documentaries and exhibits that highlight his contributions to the nation.


“The Senate called on the Federal Government to take immediate steps to immortalize his name and provide him with a state burial worthy of a national hero so that his memory will continue to inspire young Nigerians.


“It resolved that such efforts when honoured would foster sense of patriotism and dedication to the service of our great future generation and unite the people of Nigeria.”


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