PHOTOS: 2023 YPP Gubernatorial Candidate, Aduragbemi, Visits Victims of Bodija Explosion, Shows Support


The Young Progressive Party (YPP) Gubernatorial candidate at the 2023 general election, Mrs. Aduragbemi Animasawun-Euba, yesterday evening visited the victims who suffered from the explosion that occurred at the Old Bodija Area of Ibadan to show support.

The visit which was attended in company of some of her friends as she donated items and other provisions to aid the recovery of the victims of the explosion which has since leave a lot of people devasted due to loss of lives and valuable properties.

In a close interview with Ibadan Media, Aduragbemi sympathises with the victims and offered words of encouragements to the patients she met at the Redeemer’s hospital and continue to cooperate with relevant authorities to aid their investigations in a bid to forestall future occurrence.

In her statement, “we went to the hospital to visit the victims and see how they are recovering. The pace of recovery is different which can be associated to the severity of injuries sustained during the incidence. However, it is important to note how accommodating and professional that the medical people we met on ground are to us and their patients. The welfarism of the patients are well taken care of and we encourage on their healing process to show to them that they were not alone”.

Moments later, Mrs. Aduragbemi visited the site of explosion to ascertain the level of damages caused by the explosion and the possible implications on the lives of residents, neighbourhood and the state who has since demonstrated empathy the masses with with swift arrival of first reponders on the night of the explosion, the presence of emergency rescue and security teams doing there work.

She prayed that God comfort and gives those that have lost one thing or the other from the incident the fortitude to bear their loses while also seeking the government’s intervention In providing some forms of compensation to those affected.


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