PHOTOS: How APC Support Groups Host Award Dinner To Celebrate 2023 Presidential Election Success 


The Conference of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima National Support Groups (CONBAT NSG) have recently held a grand dinner and award night to commemorate the success of the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria. 


The event, which was attended by prominent politicians, business leaders and supporters, was marked by an atmosphere of joyous celebration and merriment.


During the event, Dr. Agbi Stephen Omobamidele, the CEO of As Wonder Homes and Properties, in an interview acknowledged President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s remarkable leadership qualities.

Omobamidele lauded Tinubu for not only shaping politicians of distinction but also fostering successful business individuals like himself.


In his remark as one of the awardees, Omobamidele expressed his commitment to continuing support to Tinubu, adding that he won’t stop contributing to the progress of the nation.


He viewed the award as a call to duty, acknowledging the significant responsibility it bestowed upon him.


In a generous gesture of support, he announced that his organization would be constructing three thousand affordable houses, with a thousand each in Maduguri, Lagos, and Abuja, aligning with President-elect Tinubu’s vision of providing housing for low-income earners.

In an interview, another awardee, Dr. Ogunpaimo Olayiwola, expressed his unwavering confidence in President-elect Tinubu’s capabilities.


Drawing on Tinubu’s impressive track record in Lagos, Dr. Olayiwola believed that the president-elect would replicate his successes at the federal level.


He highlighted Tinubu’s commitment to not only creating opportunities but also meticulously monitoring and supervising projects.


Dr. Olayiwola commended CONBAT NSG for organizing such an outstanding event, expressing his appreciation for the recognition he received and commending the overall coordination and organization of the program.


The CONBAT NSG’s grand dinner and award night served as a testament to the support and dedication shown by its members during the 2023 election.


By recognizing the contributions of individuals like Dr. Agbi Stephen Omobamidele and Dr. Ogun Paimo Olayiwola, the group showcased the importance of collaboration and unity in achieving a successful political outcome.


The event also underscored President-elect Tinubu’s influential role in nurturing both political leaders and accomplished business figures, setting the stage for a promising future under his leadership.


As the nation prepares for the official inauguration of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the CONBAT NSG’s celebration served as a reminder of the collective responsibility to support the newly elected government and contribute to Nigeria’s growth and development.


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