PHOTOS: Investor seeks government support to tackle housing deficit in Nigeria


Mr. Oluwaseun Owoseni, the Managing Director of Kemsan Acres Global Limited has called for support from government at all levels toward tackling the problem of housing deficit in Nigeria.

Owoseni told newsmen during the company’s activities to mark its fourth anniversary celebration of the firm in Ibadan.


The company, a real estate firm, had distributed food and clothings to no fewer than 500 less privileged as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


He said the real estate industry was an important sector in Nigeria that needed government attention.

“The real estate industry is a sector that the government at all levels should look into. We have the problem of housing deficit in Nigeria.


“We are appealing to the government to provide enabling environment for real estate industry to thrive in the country.


“We need the basic social amenities such as good road networks and stable power supply,” he said.


Owoseni urged the people to trust the company in terms of integrity, genuinety and transparency, saying the CSR was a way of giving back to the society.


He said that the company had in the last four years, been converting rural areas to habitable urban settlement.


“We are here today to perform our CSR by giving back to the society. We believe that if one gives to the society, the person would get back from the society.


“What has brought us this far is what we have received from the society. We believe that the basic needs of everyone is food, clothing and shelter.


“As real estate firm, we provide shelter and we are here today to give food and clothes. We are reaching out to over 500 persons,” he said.


Owoseni explained further that the firm would lunch Abuja branch this week, stating that the they have branches in Ibadan, Ado-Ekiti, Akure and Abeokuta.


“One of the major challenges the real estate industry is facing is that the people believe that it is a scam. Our company sell real value of people’s money.


“It is actually a big challenge for us as industry because people believe that real estate firms allocate on paper without getting the value of their money.


“Kemsan Acres Global Limited works with three major core values; integrity, professionalism and transparency. We don’t involve in land grabbing, we acquire lands with genuine documentation,” he said.


Mr. Faith Oyebanji, the Chairman of the
planning committee for the fourth anniversary, said that the firm’s achievements so far have been massive.


Oyebanji said that the company had been able to provide accomodation for over 20,000 residents in Ibadan.


He said that the company had been establishing strong relationships with governments in every state they have branches.


“We have experienced tremendous improvements in our services in the last four years. We started so little but our tentacle has been extended to both Nigeria and abroad.


“We have been able to provide accomodation for over 20, 000 residents in Ibadan. We don’t defraud people as we give 26/36 months planning payment for people,” he said.


“We have been associating with the state governments of where we have our branches. We can’t do without them,”he said.


Mr. Kolawole Ajeyemi, an actor and ambassador of the company, said that he accepted the offer to be the brand ambassador of the firm because he knew Owoseni and trust him.

“I don’t want to tarnish my own image. I don’t involve in anything fraudulent and I have been working with them for a year.


“I remain committed to the brand and I advise them to maintain their integrity”, he said.


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