PHOTOS: Twins Tourism Odyssey in Uganda


The Most Famous Twins in African Tourism and the World Initiators of Twins Tourism, Ambassadors Taiwo and Kehinde OGUNTOYE in this special report share their experience in exploring the Luxury Primate Tour of Uganda.

We started our journey into the pearl of Africa with an application for an online visa which literally takes about 3 working days. Visa processing was so seamless, with all required information provided, your visa lands directly into your email.
A day preceding our flight, we had a nice train ride from Obafemi Awolowo Train Station in Moniya Train Station in Ibadan to the Mobolaji Johnson Train Station Alagomeji, Yaba in Lagos. It was an awesome three (3) hours ride as our flight from Lagos is scheduled for 11am next morning.


It was an early wake up drive to the new terminal of Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos to catch up with the Sunday 11am flight whose check-in begins at 8am. Lagos traffic could be funny at times so there is no point taking to chances as missing the flight on Uganda Airlines on a Sunday means you have to reschedule for the next day, Monday that’s if you are lucky the flight is not fully booked or you will wait till the next Thursday when flight would be operated again as Uganda Airlines only rocks the newly inaugurated Lagos LOS – Entebbe EBB route on a three times a week bases.


We arrived at the second terminal of the modern fashioned looking Murtala Mohammed International Airport with friendly smiles from the security agencies hailing the Twins, most of them are either our fans on Social Media or had a time to read about us.

Check-in was so seamless with the ever smiling Uganda Airlines staff well kitted. The immigration checks and airport protocol was very fast as we were respectfully attended to.

The facilities provided at this new terminal makes the officers duty much more easy, smart and professional. Nigeria can continue to be a great place if the enabled environment to work is provided.

We were welcomed at the air side of the airport by the announcement of the arrival of Uganda Airlines at 9:27am, the airline was arriving 3mins earlier than the estimated arrival time. We were awaiting the pre-boarding procedures but that didn’t happen until about 10:45am, it’s a clear indicator that this flight might be delayed which eventually happened. The delay wasn’t announced at all as passengers were kept to their guesses.

After the final checks at the airside at 10:55am, Mr Patrick, the country Manager of the airline spotted us, Ambassadors Taiwo and Kehinde Oguntoye, the Twins Tourism Initiator and the Most Famous Twins in African Tourism, who doubles as the Uganda MDR representatives and influencers for the Nigeria Source Market, he greeted us with a smile even as he was so busy running around to get the passengers get on board, he took few minutes to have pictures with us and we returned the courtesy to him by introducing the other three members of our team who were excited to Explore Uganda.

The Ur 901 flight operated on Airbus brand new A330 sky Queen even though delayed for an hour had a very smooth take off with an estimated distance to destination 3315km/2059mi was about to fly at 41,100 feet with knots 457 cruising at 848 km/h with an outside temperature of -58°C with a flight time for four hours captained by Wakheya , Flight officer was Nasirumbi with two other OBS while Mr Mugume was the head of cabin crew. The Air bus A330 with a business, premium economy and economy classes had the Olu of Warri and his chiefs on board.

The in-flight entertainment was nice with 46classic, 6 drama, 11comedy, 4 crime and 1 fantasy. Of course we enjoyed the Twins Tale drama on board which talks about the story a set of twin who got switched at birth and later got connected in life. The meal served was good with accompanying drinks of choice, the red wine washed down the rice. The cabin crew were so fantastic and kept supplying upon request of drinks. Was about sipping the last red wine when the Captain announced our arrival at Entebbe International airport which brought the 4hrs direct flight to an halt. We had interaction with the cockpit team and took photographs as expected.

Immigration checks at Entebbe were seamless and we got our passports stamped with visa stickers while our luggage was already waiting for us. Here comes Mr Andrew welcoming us to the Pearls of Africa as he will be our guide and pilot for our stay. He welcomed us with Souvenirs from Uganda Tourism Board which included Uganda Flags, A water flask, among other things.

As we were entering into his 2023 model land cruiser tourist jeep, he explained to us our next 45mins drive into Kampala and we moved around and he kept explaining the beauty of Uganda to us. Our Welcome to Kampala was announced and we got checked into the Sheraton Kampala while dinner was ready for us.

*Luxury Primate Tour Experience:*

As a trained Wildlife and Ecotourism Manager from the Prestigious University of Ibadan, we were so excited to experience the Luxury Primate Tour of Uganda. It all started with a whole day drive from Kampala to Chimpundu Lodge at the Kibale National Park in Western Uganda. Our first tour was the visit to the Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru which translates as “breasts of Nyinamwiru” and the Nyakasura Waterfall. The Amabere Caves also known as Nyakasura Caves explains the story of King Bukkukku, his daughter Nyina Nwiru and her son, Ndahura. We also had a hike up the 1,588-metre Kyeganywa Hill. At the top of the hill, we were able to view 3 magnificent crater lakes; Lake Saaka, Lake Kyegere and Lake Nyabikora.

Uganda is home to about 5000 chimpanzees found in their National Parks. We also had the opportunity of tracking the Chimpanzee at Kibale which is home to about 1,500 Chimpanzees in Uganda plus 12 other species of primates besides many endemic birds, mammals, and exotic jungle plants and trees. Observing the chimps here was a fantastic family activity . we sighted Nkare ( meaning it’s like a lion) and the second is called escort, the younger one because it likes moving with high raking males. According to the guide, they have been seeing humans for over 20 years. We got certified for our tracking.

The next day was an awesome road trip to Queen Elizabeth National park which offers many different exciting wildlife experiences. In the southern west tip of the park there is an area called Ishasha which is well known for its tree-climbing lion. At this Park, we had a Boat Cruise on the Kazinga Channel to view wildlife.
The Kazinga channel which is approximately 40 meters long connecting the two Lakes; Lake Gorge to the east and Lake Edward to the west. While on the cruise we sighted at close range elephants, hippo, warthog, crocodile and a proliferation of birds among others.
We also had the experience of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is home to approximately 330 Mountain gorillas: almost half of the world’s total population. Bwindi is also the only forest in Africa which has Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas co-existing. We had an awesome long time tracking gorilla. It rained on us but we were determined to track and view the gorilla even as they took us down several kilometres down the trails from an elevated mountain of about 24,000ft above sea level. Our successful tracking was awarded with a certificate by the Park management and a subsequent footprint planting of Indigenous Tree, Podocarpus milanjianus was planted . It’s a hard tree good for timber and good shade. Also used for Gorilla carvings.

On our way back to Kampala, we had a stop to view and experience the Equator. It was another opportunity to get a certificate from crossing the Equator.

*Accommodation and Hospitality in Uganda:*

Sheraton Kampala was an awesome accommodation in Kampala with well Trained and professional staff who attend to guests promptly and give value for money. We also experienced lodging at Luxury Chimpundu Lodge at Kibale, it was a lavish spoil of luxury. With 14 luxury cottages, Chimpundu Lodge gives a perfect view of the surrounding landscape and wildlife while you enjoy the sound of wildlife in the background, the rustling of the African trees, and the twinkling of the stars as you relax between the forest Trees in your cottages.

Then the Ultimate Luxury Gorilla Heights Lodge where the Most Famous Twins in African Tourism, Amb. Taiwo and Kehinde Oguntoye stayed while tracking the Gorilla at the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest. This cozy cottage offers an oasis of tranquillity, where every amenity has been thoughtfully designed to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional. We stayed 2 nights each at these hotels and all these facilities provided complimentary breakfast (buffet), sauna, steam bath, modern amenities Wi-FI (High Speed Wireless Internet) among others. They all serve nice meals with awesome chefs. Some of the Uganda cuisines we tasted were Matoke, Katogo, Muchomo, Rolex , Chapati among others.

*Nightlife Experience in Kampala:*

The night life at Molecule Lounge and Restaurants, Kololo was just home away from home as Nigeria songs enjoyed the DJ playlist all through the night.

The hospitality in Uganda was topnotch, there was no form of any security challenge, the road and tourists are well secured . We had the opportunity to make new friends with Ugandans and bonded well. It was very difficult to kiss Uganda goodbye. Uganda is a sure destination to explore for Nigerians.
This Fam trip was Facilitated and sponsored by the Uganda Tourism Board through her MDR for Africa Source Market, Pollant Limited.


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