Satguru Maharaj Ji Condemns Tinubu’s Death Prediction By INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church Leader, Prophet Elijah Ayodele


The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has slammed the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Prophet Elijah Ayodele, for predicting the assassination of the sitting president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Prophet Ayodele had in some online mediums on 24th of December, 2023 in a statement through his Media Aide, Oluwatosin Osho, Ayodele emphasized the potential challenges Tinubu’s government may face, including corruption, nepotism, favoritism and tribalism.


He stressed the need for substantial changes to propel the government forward, raising concerns about the government’s resistance to constructive criticism and its response to critics.


The spiritual leader also foresaw a kidnapping incident involving a Commissioner and an aide in a Governor’s convoy, cautioning that kidnapping would take a different form.

He urged prayers for all governors in Nigeria to prevent any of them from falling seriously ill. This is negative witchcraft in action to extort money from the weaker elements who don’t know that their Father Maharaj Ji is the one to use.


Expanding his predictions to the global stage, Primate Ayodele highlighted the need to pray against the successful assassination of a sitting President, a former President, a Prime Minister, and a former Prime Minister.


He also urged vigilance against coup attempts in Africa and mounting pressure or uprisings that could lead to the removal of a sitting President.


Maharaj Ji declared that “You’re the one that they’re going to assassinate between now and the next 21 days.”


This was made known in a press statement through the One Love Family Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa, personally signed by Satguru Maharaj Ji and made available to newsmen in Ibadan.


The cleric is infamous for his ‘spirit-led’ predictions and regularly faces backlash for getting his prophecies wrong.

He erroneously predicted that the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential aspirant for the 2023 elections, Atiku Abubakar, would emerge as the winner.


However, the All Progressives Congress candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, emerged as the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces by the Special Grace of Maharaj Ji.


“These men of MEN would not stop disgracing themselves. This was how many of them rushed out during elections to say all sorts of things only to be shamed, exposing their ordinariness to the whole wide world. If you must predict, predict. Everyone predicts but don’t make it look like a prophecy because we know no God sent you a message; na you dey send yourself. Yeyenatu.


“You’re a fake prophet. Stop dishing out fake prophesies that can heat the polity.


“It has always been tradition for Nigerian pastors and prophets to predict election outcomes. Sometimes, they predict future vents to demonstrate to their throngs of followers that they possess some sort of supernatural ability or able to discern God’s genuine will.


“Religious leaders are playing politics with the life of Nigerians by changing our minds. Very soon Ayodele will come out to say Jesus is coming back tomorrow instead of him to come out and tell the world that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the expected messiah, he is building houses and mansions in the name of the Creator which we know they are aided and abetted by the Europeans who do not want the people to be in knowledge to control their destiny and to be able to reproductively engage in perception that will make the economy strong.


“The Muamar Ghadafi was manipulated and predicted that Nigeria should break into Muslim North and Christian South and in his inordinate ambition to become Chairman of All African Union even after delivering Limosines to Muslim leaders in the North, was warned to withdraw his statement but failed. He was thrown by his own ignorance that nobody can threaten the Nucleus race.


“Don’t forget one Reverend Adewole was also lured by the Northern Kaduna Mafia to predict falsely that no Southerner can be President in 1996, I warned him to withdraw, he refused and the Pastor did not live to witness the inauguration of Mr. President Obasanjo which heralded a new peaceful transition to democratic governance.


“Ex President Bashir of Sudan massacred the Southern Sudan on the pretext of religious and ethnic cleansing which resulted in the deaths of many blacks in Southern Sudan only to be declared wanted by World Government and after manipulating the neo colonialist African leaders for support, he ended up breaking Sudan with the emergence of South Sudan while he is on the run chasing his shadows for the innocent citizens he massacred.”


“T.B Joshua among his sins was by deceiving Alhaja Kudirat to death with special holy water disallowing the patriot the chance to seek for good protection from the traditionalists and be saved.”


“Same way he mislead General Abacha to death with some fake amulets after receiving millions from the Northern Mafia when it was discovered that Abacha was getting ready to return to Satguru Maharaj Ji but it was too late to stop the plan which killed him on the eve of the day he was to announce Maharaj Ji is the way.” Where is T.B Joshua today?


“He should look for a job instead of dishing out all kinds of vituperations if he doesn’t know that religion is the root cause of corruption and insecurity in the Black race/culminating into misadventurism whereby money for the state, developmental projects are syphoned back to the source.


“Because in our incapacitation, we cannot produce and we cannot compete and compare favourably with other nations who were in the past coming to Africa to learn about past civilizations.


“The church is not part of Africa and the Black race knew the Creator and live with the Creator before religion came but if we sell our conscience by leaving the Nucleus Culture and Tradition, well enough but in a situation where you allow yourself to be used as a cover for criminal activities, you will face the full weight of the Divine Law and Natural Justice.


“He is given 21 days to retract those words otherwise he and others behind the scene will be held responsible for any assassination attempt on Tinubu and any other Nigerians who have zero tolerance for corruption, tribalism, racism and all the imported foreign mono-cultural ways of living which is threatening our co-existence today.


“The Creator created the world and will never wish His children any evil; like the Yoruba adage that “kosi obi t’ale omo e fun ekun paje” meaning “no parent will allow his/her child to be killed by a Lion”. So, be warned. Save yourself!


“All the new ministers and commissioners should endeavor to come for Divine Knowledge to guarantee their Life 100% on Land, Sea and Air. They should please put laminated badge of Maharaj Ji by pinning it inside their pockets and inside their trousers. They will overcome all challenges that may take their Life because the army of satan is fast running away from Africa. You are warned!


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