It really took me this long to put words together on the demise of my uncommon benefactor, an unusual personality, a quintessential leader, a political strategist, fearless and blunt boss, restorer, transformer, reformer, a passionate populist and a stabilizer.

How will I even describe my mentor and political father who discovered my potential and built for me? Senator Abiola Akanji Adeyemi Isiaq Ajimobi was indescribable. I have known him and worked closely with him for years. He was my boss who trusted me with positions. We used to call him “Oga” not only in the political scene, but in all ramifications. Wherever we met, I did show him the ‘Daddy’ he was to me.

My colleagues who we are “Ajimobi Boys” will agree with me that His Excellency was humble, peaceful, compassionate, kind and merciful. Those qualities made him to standout. I felt comfortable, relaxed and had a very good relationship with him, and he had confidence in me. I was always ready to go the extra mile when he called, especially in times of administration and serving the people. He was a mobile person and loved to get things done, perfectly. Call him Mr. Perfectionist, you are correct.

Oga (Senator Abiola Ajimobi) would go the extra mile to assist you, mould you and reshapen you to fitly fit the society. He would call me as OMO BAO, the Executive Chairman, Aare Latosa LCDA, Samonda, Ibadan and said “Kunle, how is Aare Latosa LCDA? Make sure you continue to make the people there happy. Don’t disappoint me and BAO o”
He loved to sing and entertain those around him with laughter. With him, never a dull moment.

After 2 terms of 8years as a jinx breaker in Oyo State, he bowed out last year, but never tired of serving Allah and humanity. He continued to remain active and willing to help out as usual. But those days are gone, gone but not forgotten. It’s really hard to accept sudden death like his, and I will never get accustomed to it.

Gone before us too soon and sudden, Boss, “Daddy”. Where are the political wrappers you did use to cover us? Who else will step into the shoes you hurriedly put down? Without being immodest, the precious and sweet memories of you will remain in my heart. As a strong believer of acts of Allah, who am I to query the Almighty Allah Who had chosen to call you home at this very time that the Country is in dire need of your service. This is your time, Boss; ours will surely come. In everything, we all can say, Allah gives and takes.

I still cannot believe you are gone sir!!!!!!!

I, Adekunle Oladeji, Omo BAO, will never forget your immeasurable roles and impacts you had in my life. I extend my condolences to the entire Ajimobi Political Dynasty.


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