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This Saturday (18th March, 2023), the Undisputed Heavyweight Title Holder, Seyi “Seekansi” Makinde will defend his title for the first time against his main challenger, TESSY “the Pakute” Folarin whom he defeated when the title became vacant, about four years ago.


Then, pakute sparred from the sideline. It was the son of the octagon legend penkele, BAYOR who was ranked as first contender in the Heavyweight division that challenged the vacant title with Seyi o se kan ri (Seyi has not done it before).


About four years down the line, pakute the skimming giant has improved in ranking, becoming number one challenger to the title, after displacing BAYOR, in a clan fight to determine who will emerge as the main challenger in the 2023 main event.


Unhappy with the way pakute, edged him out of the ring, LABU sought refuge with the thumb clan, and the clan is already polarised, with some of them declaring support for Seyi seekansi Makinde.


Going into this title defence, Seyi “Seekansi” Makinde receives support from the Man-kinders movement, who are proud that he has used the title to empower pensioners, workers, and the hoi-polloi.


It is now raining season, and the reigning champion hails from the Umbrella clan, but will the Umbrella be able to cover him from the torrential rainfall?


His main Challenger from the broom clan, Tessy, “the Pakute,” Folarin, a former Light Heavyweight champion comes into this main event with the strength of having people from his clan already clinched title belts from other weight divisions. He vows to unseat the title holder with his grassroots support base.


The camps of both fighters have engaged in dirty talks, distortion of facts, and disinformation as well as lobby for support within and across camps and across divisions.


The Man-kinders have said that Tessy, “The Pakute” Folarin will be knocked out before the championship rounds, while the Tessy-fiers have boasted that the husband of Tamuno will not survive the first round. The organisers of the contest promised an entertaining main event but urged the fighters to keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive whichever way the fight ends.


But their fate will be decided by whoever is scored higher between the two Heavyweight fighters by their fans who have obtained the mandatory access ticket, the PVC to be able to enter the ajaku-akata fighting arena.


The fight promises to spring surprises, but security agencies have been advised to be up and doing to forestall violence outside the political octagon ring.


History beckons on the two fighters: Seyi “Seekansi” Makinde hopes to equal the record of a successful defence currently held by the late loquacious gap-tooth fighter, JIMABI. On his side, pakute feels his time has come to hold the Heavyweight Title and join other great fighters from the amala school of boxing who have held the Heavyweight Title. He hopes to work with those who left the camp of Seyi seekansi Makinde to unseat, the soft-spoken engineer and husband of Tamuno.


Will the supporters of the king-in-waiting in the balablu kingdom repay seekansi for standing with him to dis-ati-ku-late, the ambition of the husband of Titi as promised?


24 hours is a long time in the political boxing ring. The man-kinders, however, hope that their man will leverage on home advantage and use his height and hand advantage to keep pakute at a comfortable distance from encroaching into his range.


INEC, the official umpire, announces the main event:

“Fighting out the Broom corner, a serial fighter, graduate from the amala boxing dynasty, undisputed jagba exponent, former Heavyweight Title contender, and now the number one ranked Heavyweight Challenger, TESSY, “the Pakute”, Folarin!.


And now, ladies and gentlemen watching this main event across the 33 local government areas of the Pacesetter state and beyond….fighting out of the Umbrella corner, a skilful mixed martial artist, the Ibadan-born engineer turned political boxer, announcing, the reigning, defending Heavyweight Title Champion of Agodi government House, Seyi “Seekansi” Makinde.


Will the husband of Tamuno survive the onslaught of Tessy, “The Pakute” Folarin? Or repeat the feat recorded about four years ago?

Only time has the answer


Oludayo Tade


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