UCH in dire straits, hemorrhaging as patients suffer seamless blood transfusion


The University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan has been reported to be in dire straits; hemorrhaging and in need of help to restore its glory and nib in the bud, further deaths of patients lacking timely need of blood.


Blood transfusion which ought to be seamless, according to the Network for Better Life Nigeria, is becoming an issue of concern for all well spirited members of the public with patients in the UCH.


The group in a press statement issued by its Southwest Coordinator on Monday, Bisitolu Adebiyi regretted that patients at UCH suffer unjustly with many resigning to fates as the blood Bank of the hospital is experiencing downward trend because of the lack of power supply.


“Worse still, health officers now resort to the use of light from their handsets to transfuse blood to patients. The UCH at nights is now like ghost community with patients lacking quality medical support in the face of power outages.


“Reports from the hospital these days suggest that the hospital is becoming death Centre because of lack of power and other social amenities.


“Doctors and nurses use their phones to generate light they use to attend to patientsā€™ files and infuse blood on patients.


“Information emanating from the hospital also alleged that many blood saved in this blood bank has gone bad because of lack of power supply. Is it not a regrettable act that the blood being stored at the hospital are no longer safe and generally unfit for patients in need?


“It is worrisome these days at the hospital for patients to receive blood at nights as medical personnel complain of lack of power among other concerns.


“At the Network for Better Life Nigeria, we hold that the Blood transfusion as a medical treatment that replaces blood lost through injury, surgery, or disease should be free from any form of contamination but when consistent power outages occur in that section, your guess is as good as ours.


“Nobody cares; nobody talks. No one cares to take responsibility of the happenings around that section of the hospital as patients lament and groan on daily basis.


“More lives may be lost to this ugly trend if the authorities concerned do not wake up to its responsibilities and do the meedful to prevent more deaths.


“No doubt, we are of the opinion that some people might have become victims of incidents like this and they would just die in the process with their bodies packed overnight.


“We are urging the Chief Medical Director Prof. Jesse Otegbayo whose tenure was recently renewed by the Federal Government to urgently fix this problem and other associated issues militating against quality health care delivery and unjust sufferimgs of the patients”, Adebiyi added.


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