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I just felt I should express my candid opinion on the state of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogbomoso, on the one hand and, Oyo State, on the other hand. I began to ruminate on the 2019 Abuja struggle during the intraparty stage and subsequently the journey to Agodi.

For those who may want to question my position, whether as a politician or a journalist. Well, I joined the PDP in 2002 (18 years ago) when the followers and supporters of the great Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala crossed the All Peoples Party (APP) carpet to the PDP. Yes, we all moved to the fold through a group, Ogbomoso Unity Forum (OUF). Why this story? I narrated the history so that those who have just spent a year or two in the party, but who are beneftting, will know the narration. Well, I congratulate those who have benefitted, whether immensely or meagerly, from this administration.

Without going to the nitty-gritty of the role played by Akande-Adeola and others in the zone before and during the general election, may I still congratulate Akande-Adeola, in thin or in thick. Nobody will deny the fact that she’s a heroine of the party in Ogbomoso and at the national party politics, without deleting her role in state level. Akande-Adeola represented Ogbomoso South/Ogbomoso North/Oriire Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Abuja. She also held the respected position of the Majority Leader in the 7th National Assembly. We all knew what transpired in the house and her performance! Of course, the role played by the present Executive Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) who was then the Director of Communication and Strategy to the Seyi Makinde Campaign Organisation, Prince Dotun Oyelade, was unquantifiable. Some others joined the train weeks to the election and played their role, though minimally. Today, the arm-akimbo and distance of Akande-Adeola to the system, I will say, has seriously affected the party faithful in the zone.

Why this expression of opinion? It is intended to correct the errors that have divided the house that was united before the 2019 elections . Those who are now benefitting from the system today, how many of them voted on election day? How many of our commissioners from Ogbomoso voted during the elections ? How many of the beneficiaries were on the land of Oyo State on the elections days? Apart from the role of Akande-Adeola, will anybody feign ignorance of the contribution of Prince Oyelade as the mouthpiece of the struggle?

Ogbomoso PDP, a house united, divided?

I’m particular about Ogbomoso, our home. I have decided to express this opinion of mine owing to my understanding of the terrain and atmosphere. I wish to state unequivocally that the challenges that lie for the ruling PDP in the state, particularly Ogbomoso, is enormous and requires a strategic approach form the leader of the party at the state level. If there is anybody from Ogbomoso who does not want Akande-Adeola and the governor United is an enemy of progress, no apology. However, she alone does not represent the party. But I must say that she is a brand in the politics of the land of Ajilete. To call a spade a spade, all is not well in the party and it requires the proactive antidote which is reconciliation. A lot went into the selection of the councils’ caretaker committees. Some names crept in before the dawn. The Fela Anikulapo track, “Suffering and smiling” describes the party faithful’s plight. If I was among the leaders of the party in the zone, I will not hesitate to sue for peace, beyond my personal gains.

The strength of the opposition

The leaders of the PDP in the state will agree that the All Progressives Congress and the ADP in the zone are waxing day by day. In Ogbomoso, the opposition parties have on their side: Chief Alao-Akala, Senator Fatai Buhari, Senator Ayaode Adesun, minister of youth and sports development – Mr Sunday Dare, Hon Segun Odebunmi Bunvic, Captain Ajao, and a host of other grassroots leaders who undertook the so called politicking training. And to add, some of these grassroots politicians are well grounded in local politics. The PDP must wake up from its slumber and it is high time the leader of the party in the state strategised to mend the walls of the party so that the division will not sweep it off track. This is not the best of time for the real leaders to fold their arms and watch their pride reduced to a total ruin. Those who are benefitting from the division will not want unity between the party’s leader and Akande-Adeola…. But in the interest of the progress of the state, I’m hopeful that the reconciliation committee inaugurated by Gov Makinde will look into some of these issues as it affects each of the five zones making up the state.

Author: Sunday Adepoju


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