Why Ibadan Needs To Support Its Stars In Entertainment Industry – Taye Currency Reveals


Ibadan-born fuji star, Alhaji Taye Akande Adebisi, popularly known as Taye Currency, has said that Ibadan needs to support its stars in the entertainment industry.


Taye Currency said this on Monday while meeting some media personalities in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.


He said Lagos and a few other states have been known for promoting entertainment, adding that Ibadan can successfully meet such standard if the entertainment sector in the state gets adequate support and sponsors.


He commended Lagosians for promoting and supporting people in the entertainment industry, maintaining that there is more to be done in Ibadan.


His words: “When I started Fuji music in 1991, I used to think about a lot of things and many ideas flow in my mind on the next level entertainment can assume. I observed Lagos has been the hub of entertainment in the whole of the country, and it is generally believed that when they talk about stars in entertainment, they are all in Lagos and a few other states in the country.


“When we talk about promoting and helping people in their chosen career, they do that a lot in Lagos. Everything that has to do with entertainment is in Lagos and I believe there is a need for us in Ibadan to up the ante as far as entertainment industry is concerned.”


The fuji star expressed happiness over the recent activities in Ibadan entertainment industry with different events and programs coming up.


He noted that with support and sponsors, the entertainment industry in Ibadan will be better than what we have in the state.


“Today, I am seeing that good things are beginning to happen as we have a lot of things springing up in Ibadan, which can make the city compete with Lagos and few other states. That is why some concerts, nowadays, are being organised in Ibadan but, despite that, we are still far behind.


“For now, Lagos and other states are still leading in the chart and Ibadan is third in the list. I have those that are in this industry who come to me for support when they have shows and I have consistently been doing my best in that regard.


“If you look at Ibadan-based fuji musicians, a lot of them who used to be popular could not maintain the fame and image just because they did not get adequate support. They started and ended their careers just like that and, today, they are nowhere to be found.


“Though, I will also say they did not make certain moves to see how they can continue to make waves in their music profession. Some did not even leave their base to catch up with trends. And you know the way you lay your bed is the way you lie on it. You know, we have to be frank at this point.


“I am not saying all of these because I am opportuned to be in this current position but we have to tell ourselves the truth and move on with what can catapult us to the next level. That is why, at this point in time, we have to make use of the opportunity at hand to achieve our desires. So, we are here together today because I dont want to misuse the opportunity on ground.


“Why we are having a challenge like this in Ibadan is because there has not been support. A lot of people have ideas but they have nobody to support them to limelight. They don’t support people here. And if you, hy chance, try to get up there, some forces will ensure they pull you down. If you reign for 10 years in this City and maintain your trademark, money, image and star, it must be by the grace of God.” He said.


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