AT LAST! Makinde Reveals Company with 63 Covid19 Cases


By YSO Olaniyi

The Executive Governor of Oyo State has revealed the identity of the Ibadan-based multinational company with sixty-three confirmed cases coronavirus in Oyo State as iSON Xperiences.

Makinde made the disclosure on the early hour of Wednesday while giving routine updates on the novel coronavirus. On his official Twitter handle, Makinde wrote: 

“The COVID-19 confirmation tests for six suspected cases came back POSITIVE. All six cases are from the same organisation, iSON Xperiences in Ibadan South West Local Government Area. So, the total number of confirmed cases in Oyo State is 143.

The company remains shut and will be decontaminated. The Emergency Operations Centre has continued intensive contact tracing to identify persons of interest linked to members of staff in the company.”

The announcement by Governor Makinde confirmed the earlier reports made by the Pacesetter News.


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