Bridging Health Disparities: Senator Alli’s sponsorship fuels Community wellness drive


In an inspiring demonstration of community service and healthcare advocacy, the University of Ibadan Medical Students undertook a medical outreach program generously sponsored by Senator Sharafadeen Alli (APC-Oyo South).

The event, aptly themed ‘Bridging the Gap: Zero Health Disparities’, saw the active participation of over 450 constituents in Eruwa and Oke-Aremo in Ibadan on March 2 and March 3 respectively.

The initiative is set to extend to all nine local governments within the Senatorial District, underscoring the commitment to promoting community health and wellness.

The Community health awareness programme featured a range of essential health services aimed at promoting wellness and preventive care.

Participants comprising men and women across different age groups benefitted from health talks in Height/Weight/BMI measurements, blood pressure tests, glucose tests, and malaria tests.

All the participants received comprehensive healthcare assessments and guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The dedication and proficiency of the health personnel ensured that each participant received physical care and attention, fostering a sense of empowerment and well-being among the attendees.

Mr. Ambaliyu Odejide, who oversaw the outreach at Oke-Aremo, commended the collaborative efforts of 20 health personnel who diligently attended to the healthcare needs of over 250 participants.

Through the meticulous administration of various tests, including glucose/sugar levels, blood pressure checks, and malaria screenings, the health team provided vital insights into the overall well-being of the attendees.

Additionally, the distribution of free medications and counselling services underscored the commitment to ensuring that all individuals received the necessary support and guidance for their health concerns.

At the Eruwa location, Mr. Taiwo Dahunsi reported a turnout of over 200 constituents who availed themselves of the health services offered during the outreach.

He said the overwhelming response from the community highlighted the pressing need for accessible and comprehensive healthcare initiatives that address the diverse health challenges faced by individuals in both urban and rural settings.

The collaborative efforts between Senator Sharafadeen Alli and the University of Ibadan Medical Students exemplified a shared commitment to promoting health equity and empowering communities.

Beneficiaries of the community health awareness program expressed profound gratitude for the comprehensive range of essential health services provided, which were tailored towards promoting wellness and preventive care.

In heartfelt commendations to Senator Sharafadeen Alli, beneficiaries of the medical outreach lauded his unwavering support and commitment to enhancing community healthcare.

They commended the Senator for his visionary leadership in sponsoring initiatives that directly impact the lives of constituents, emphasising his dedication to bridging health disparities and promoting equitable access to quality healthcare services.

The constituents expressed deep appreciation for Senator Alli’s advocacy for healthcare advancement and his role in facilitating partnerships that empower communities through preventive care and sustainable health practices.

The overwhelming gratitude extended to Senator Alli underscored the profound impact of his support in fostering a healthier, more resilient society within Oyo State and beyond.

Akeem Abas is Special Adviser on Media to Senator Sharafadeen Alli.


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