Mogaji Oladoja’s allegations against us frivolous, unguarded – CCII


…says he adds nothing to development of IbadanlandĀ 

The Central Council of Ibadan Indigienes (CCII) on Wednesday condemned a statement made by Mogaji Olawale Oladoja against CCII, describing the statement as frivolous and unguarded which should not be taken serious by the people.

CCII said no serious minded person will take Mogaji Oladoja serious because he has no meaningful contributions to the development of Ibadanland except his involvement in unholy activities that tend to bring the name of Ibadan to disrepute.

Recall that Mogaji Ladoja challenged roles being played by CCII, saying they shouldn’t be all about partying and merry making but be a check on activities that can assist in the development of Ibadanland.

But a statement by CCII 2nd Asst Secretary General, Suleiman Raufu noted that hardly would any Ibadan Indigienes behave the way Mogaji Oladoja behaves.

The statement said Mogaji Oladoja has once been alleged for land grabbing and racketeering, adding that as a chief under the control of the Olubadan, it is in subordination to challenge whatever the Olubadan does in the public.

It added that the CCIl will remain focus and determined in his mandate as enshrined in its constitution and won’t be deterred by a nonentity, busybody, meddlesome person and jobless rabble rouser.

The statement reads “The attention of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of lbadan Indigenes has been drawn to the press release made by one Mogaji Oladoja on Saturday, 2 March, 2024 in which he made certain statements part of which directly affect CClI which are considered frivolous, unguarded and uncouth.

“First and Foremost, the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes being a socio-cultural and apolitical organization will not be drawn into any political matter whatsoever, except if the interest of lbadanland is being undermined.

“Secondly, the CCIl being a body established to protect and promote the interest of Ibadanland and her indigenes will always be neutral and fair in all matters Involving any of Ibadan Indigenes.

“Thirdly, except where apparently necessary, the CCIl will not interfere in the running of the office of the Olubadan and Olubadan – in- Council.

“However, when a person, especially somebody known to be of low integrity in his notable characteristic ill -mannered conduct, made attempt to cause confusion discord and distortion of facts, there is absolute need to make clarifications.

“In this connection, the CCII considered it most imperative to respond appropriately to content of the press release made by the said man called Mogaji Oladoja.

“That our amiable and highly respectable Governor deserves to be honoured is incontrovertible. In fact, no honour can be enough for him to appreciate what he has done and still doing for Ibadan in particular and Oyo State in general, other than to be eternally appreciative of him.

“In fact his contributions to the progress
and development of lbadanland are so unquantifiable that he deserves a
landmark monument to commemorate his name.

“That the Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Edo and Delta State, Alhaji Dauda
Makanjuola (DE-DAMAK), was given the title of Aare of lbadanland is purely a
traditional affair meant for Olubadan and Olubadan-in-Council in which CCIl is
not involved.

“Nevertheless, the aspect of Mogaji Oladoja’s statements in which CCIl is directly mentioned are the ones quoted here: “That Governor Seyi Makinde directed eleven lbadan Local Government Chairmen to raise fund for the completion of the Olubadan Palace.

“He stated that at the end of the exercise, a whooping sum of Five Hundred and Eighty Five Million Naira was realized and given to the Committee in Charge of the Palace.

“That Mogaji Oladoja added that Governor Makinde personally gave out another Two hundred and Fifty Million Naira to the Committee while another Two Hundred Million Naira again was given to the leadership of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCI) for other running expenses

“On the part of CCII, our reponses are: Mogaji Oladoja also challenged roles being played by CCll and advised them
not to be all about Partying and merry making but be a check on activities that
can assist in the development of Ibadanland.

“It is an appreciative fact that His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State Engineer Seyi Makinde approved the release of money for the
completion of the Olubadan Palace for which the Olubadan, Olubadan-in-
Council, CCIl and the entire Ibadan Indigenes Worldwide will be eternally

“In this connection, it has to be categorically stated that, the Executive
Committee of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII) is constituted by
people of integrity with diverse background of professionalism. A committee led by a successful legal practitioner.

“Release of money to the CCII Executive
Committee is based on trust and confidence reposed in the membership by His Excellency Executive Governor of Oyo State. It is a thing of pride that it is
the Executive Committee that is executing the Olubadan Palace project
through a Technical Committee of seasoned professionals established for the purpose.

“So accountability and quality job performance are guaranteed.
The allegation that Two hundred Million Naira was given to the leadership
of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes for other running expenses is a complete falsehood, a fallacy that can only come out from a racketeer.

“No amount of money was released to the leadership of the CCI to that effect.
It is essential to inform Mogaji Oladoja that it was part of the manifestoes of
thepresent executive that we shall be developmental, empowering and
Progressive in our administrative approach.

“The evidence is there to show, part of which are: The ongoing completion work at the New Olubadan Palace, which by God’s grace is due for commissioning in May this year.

“Establishment of a well equipped Computer/|CT Center at lbadan House for divergent training of youths and adults to be Computer literate.
Plan to immediately commence establishment of a Vocational Training Center to train Ibadan sons and daughters in various vOcations that will empower them to be gainfully self employed.

“Establishment of Committees to be in charge of developmental, social and
economic progress of lbadan city
On the whole, there is a Blueprint for this Executive Committee to work on, to
realize its campaign promises. It is a committee that was ready for its from
the onset.”


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