Covid-19: Cole doubtful of his survivability



Debo Adeoye, Sports
A former United player, Andy Cole has cried out on his state of health which made him to express fear of not likely to witness his 50th birthday on the planet of earth.
According to report available to us, he underwent a life-saving kidney transplant in 2017. Meanwhile, he had earlier been diagnosed with kidney failure in 2015 after contracting a virus during a trip to Vietnam. Three years later, he underwent a transplant but the trauma took a severe toll on his mental health.
Unfortunately, Covid-19 lockdown has taken its toll on the Manchester United legend’s health. The two months already spent in self-isolation has greatly affected him both physically and mentally. The 48-year-old is now doubting possibility of his being alive to see his 50th birthday.
Discussing about his health, the Old Trafford hero said, “I try not to look too far ahead, I take it day by day. I remember I recently had one of my sombre days with my daughter, who has been unbelievable.
“She said to me, ‘dad, you’re going to live forever’. I’ll always remember that, because I kept saying to her ‘look, if I make 50, I will be happy’. I’m a year and a bit away from and if I make it? Considering what I have been through, I will be made up.
“My biggest fear is that one day I wake up and my kidney pack up. I don’t care about anything else, that’s my biggest fear. I have said to myself ‘if it packs up, how are you going to do it again, mentally? How are you going to go through it again?’
“That is my biggest fear. It’s been really, really hard. Last week was one of my toughest ones. This week before I had my daughter here, who’s been shielding as well. But this week, after she left, has been really tough,” Cole lamented.


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